I should apply for this job but i'm not sure

There’s a casual computer technician job i am completely capableof doing but I am procrastinating about because I don’t want to be rejected.

I’m 43, autistic, depressed , but I know how to assemble a computer and think this would be the perfect job for me but I don’t like the talking to people required to get the job.

Sometimes you’ve got to do something a bit uncomfortable in order to get something you want. That’s just life, and the more practice you get at it, the less uncomfortable those things become. And let’s face it, how long is the interview actually going to be? One hour? One hour out of the rest of your life, in order to get a chance to do a job you’d enjoy is a pretty small investment of discomfort.

Rejection is a part of every job search. It’s best to not focus too much on any one potential job, and rather think in terms of odds (for every x jobs I apply for, I can expect y interviews.)

Does your area have any job resources for disabled people? They may have access to employees who are able to work around your situation in hiring.

Just do it!

Yeah, it could be awkward, un comfortable, etc. so what? A few minutes of discomfort, and you’re done! Don’t ponder over “Should I ?”

Just do it!

If you don’t apply you’re taking yourself out of the running and have no chance at the job.

I always tell people not to do that unless you’ve evaluated the work/workplace enough that you know you wouldn’t take the job if it was offered.

hey, i’m bipolar. i have trouble with depression at times. i have friends with aspergers and even one who is schizo. so i understand your troubles, a little bit, at least. but i think your position would be much better than many other jobs where the job is dealing with people all day. go ahead and push yourself a little and take the job. it will be difficult probably but hopefully you will adjust. if it is too much you can all ways quit. but give it a try first…

I am not able to do interviews. So I can relate. That said, I would encourage you to apply and give it your best shot.