I sick of ralph124c and his stupidity.

Seriously, how has this idiot never been pitted before. We were subjected to years of his nearly complete inability to use ( ) properly and his posts are often nothing but repeated Urban Legends or just factually wrong.

The board’s motto is about “Fighting Ignorance”; well I think Ralph Wiggums here is the “Fighting Ignorant!”

A recent gem:

He is wrong about the exports of course. See here for my cite.

A fun example of where he attempteda pitting over something stupid and actually screwed up the pittee in the Title.
Sorry, I actually stink at pittings, but I find him increasingly frustrating. I am even in a good mood today, but his spitting out stupid questions and posting dumb and factual wrong information seems to have got to me.


I kinda like him. Buried under that mountain of nonsense and bizarre questions, there’s occasionally a nugget of brilliance.

I think people think of me the same way, to some degree. Obviously, I’m much funnier, and infinitely better looking, of course.



:smack: This must be an extra special version of Gaudere’s law. I did say I stink at starting pit threads.

Really Not All That Bright, seriously you are not being at all fair to yourself. I sent a PM with more.

Oh, I think it pretty much lasts well into the afternoon as well.

Actually, I’ve never been bothered by ralph as you’ve pretty much got to go well beyond ignorant and venture into asshole territory before you raise my ire.

That’s funny, I always picture Ralph Wiggum too, whenever I read his posts.

I also think he types wearing oven mitts.

Just remember, this is the improved version, after ralph124a and b.

Him, and gonzomax: two posters who - even when their political and ideological views are completely removed from the equation - still never make ANY sense, because they never fail to fuck up their spelling, grammar, syntax, line spacing, paragraphs, and the general basic rules of a piece of written text that make it comprehensible. I don’t know what it is about these guys - especially since they seem to be adults who are at least 35 years old - but every single one of their posts always looks like it was written by a 7 year old kid behind Daddy’s computer - after taking a swig of Scotch from the bottle in Daddy’s desk.

What the fuck is it with you guys? If you want to be taken seriously, try putting some thought into your goddamn writing instead of just spewing out sentences that are only tenuously connected to each other.

I agree with you about ol’ ralph but you really do suck at pitting. Maybe it’s the being generally a nice guy that screws it up for you…

Not too long ago he started a pit thread. From this I discovered that he and I went to the same college.


Ralph 124C 41+

Who on earth gets excited about Iceland’s export of ferrosilicon??
I say, relax, and ponder the role of codfish in the world economy!:smiley:

You are such a crybaby. Waaaa ,the punctuation wasn’t perfect ,it was too hard for me to understand. This is not an essay board. It is a conversation board. We trade ideas. Boy you just keep on whining.

You might find that it works better if you bring some ideas of your own.

It is not just codfish; it is the years of stupidity that have poured from your fingertips. You repeat ULs about Ted Kennedy and his clan that are rumor and Urban Legends which BTW makes it harder for me to maintain my dislike for Ted. You go through periods where you spit out any question that crosses your mind as another thread. I recall a few days period where you started about seven threads and six had easy answers by Google. This has happened more than once. Maybe it wouldn’t even be noticeable if you did not start more threads than even Brain Glutton.

I will give you credit for finally finding the shift key in a consistent manner, but it did take years and that was with posters telling you about it often.

Please, start checking you facts before you post. If you have heard something, think if it is true and maybe check Snopes before repeating it. You remind me of my Uncle. I spent nearly a year replying to about half of his Emails with links to Snopes and the Straight Dope clearing up these UL and pass around bits of misinformation. Now he actually checks Snopes and Google first.

I’m compelled to ask, though. Was it really necessary to ask “Was The Watergate Scandal fortold in the Bible?” or “What happened to the Israeli 9/11 arrestees?” (in which, when asked for a cite, the link you provided answered your own question), as just two examples.

I submit this post, from gonzomax.

Perfectly valid question. OK? But WHY do you put a period after the question mark? What could possibly lead you to do that?. See what I mean?. It’s fucking stupid. “This year ,no fleas.” Why are you hitting the space bar, and then the comma key, instead of the other way around? Then in the final sentence you put the question mark AFTER the period. Why can’t you at least be consistent.?

Do you see what I’m getting at here? I don’t even care that I disagree with you politically. I just don’t understand why you’re so awful at typing. It’s almost like you’re deliberately going out of your way to make weird punctuation errors.

I always picture gonzomax typing like Animal from the Muppets, just slapping away at the keyboard in a wild frenzy while yelling enthusiastically, spittle and crumbs flying in all directions.

You definitely are too nice to start a pit thread, What Exit?.

In my opinion, gonzomax is worse because he contributes his completely illogical posts in baseball threads. I mean, I can skip the GD kind of stuff, but darn if he doesn’t make posting in baseball threads painful at times.

But wiggum124c definitely is a painful read as well at most times.

Dyslexia, possibly mild and undiagnosed. I’m genuinely curious why it bothers you so much? I’m the same way when I try to do college algebra. I end up doing weird random shit because I have no fucking clue what I’m doing and it doesn’t make sense to me. The professor will start asking me questions like you’re asking here and eventually I will just have to throw my hands up in the air and say I don’t fuckin’ know. The rules of grammar are extensive and complicated, and often seem contradictory. Some people never took an interest and bothered to learn them, like I never took an interest and bothered to learn latter algebra. It’s our own fault, but you know what he’s saying, and I’ll never need the kind of math I struggle with.