I sleep talk in my sleep!

Someone help me out , I’m probably giving vital info in my sleep!
Can i do something about it?:eek:

I’ve been told since I was a kid that I talk while sleeping. Not that I have monologues – but that I would respond to question or comments made by someone in the room. Perhaps I wake enough to respond, but not enough to remember the next morning.

I have no solutions to offer.

Just be happy you don’t sleep talk when you’re awake. :wink:

Find a spouse or partner who is deaf?

But be careful. Remember the deaf woman who had ten children. Every night her her husband would say “Do you want to sleep or . . . what?” and she would say “What?”

You also might want to try sleeping with a ball gag… if that’s what you’re into.

My roommate last year would laugh in her sleep. I guess she was a happy person.

OTOH, I appear to be awake and converse with people, and not remember anything when I “wake up.”

I’ve known some sleep farters.With them I recommended a cork.

I told that one to one of my female aquaintences who turned beet red and never slept over again.

I wonder who’s smelling her now?

My boyfriend sleep “babbles”. Not very often, but every once and awhile he blurts out non-sense words. Really loud too!!

I hear/the secrets that you keep/when you’re talking in your sleep/…

Apparently, I proper belly-laugh in my sleep. I wish I could remember what the hell I’m dreaming about, 'coz I reckon there must be some damn good sit-com material in there.

I have also of late been speaking German in my sleep. This worries me.

I once tried to climb out a window in my sleep. I’m not sure why…

Don’t worry, I’ve been informed that I sing in my sleep. I do a bit of sleepwalking, too.