Sleep, Perchance to mutter something ALOUD?

Do you now, or have you ever, talked in your sleep? Obviously such a report would have to come from a bedpartner, unless you’ve woken yourself up shouting and can recall what you were shouting about. And what WAS it that you said? Did it relate to a dream you were having at the time, or was it completely nonsensical?

I guess I do talk in my sleep, but it has been a couple years since I’ve done it. At the time, I apparently said “Don’t pack THAT in the picnic basket!” I couldn’t recall dreaming at that moment about a picnic, and I surely cannot recall what I found so objectionable as to not want it in the basket.

I suppose some deeper meaning eludes me about that statement to this day. Or possibly not.

What kinds of things do you mumble in your sleep? Mundane “picnic basket”-type stuff, details about former lovers, the stuff of nightmares, honey-do lists?

I just gotta know!


I used to have horrible nightmares about revealing my deepest, darkest secrets in my sleep, because I talk in my sleep a lot, apparently. But after hearing a few things I’ve said, I no longer worry.* One of the most memorable was when I woke someone sleeping next to me at 2 am and said “The weatherman goes around on a donkey.”

Given how bizarre my dreams tend to be, I’m not really surprised.

*Of course, there always remains the possibility that I’m actually spilling my soul and no one has bothered to tell me because they’re too busy crowding around with tape recorders and notebooks. However, I haven’t noticed any difference, so I assume they’re telling the truth. :wink:

I speak fluently in my sleep. My mother discovered this when I was very young and she heard me yelling at my stuffed animals. I apparently had a long, well-thought-out discussion with her about how I was planning to mate them to create other stuffed animals.

Nowadays, when I’m home, my mom will occasionally open my door and listen to me. She compares me to a combination of a college professor and Walter Cronkite. When I’m in bed with the ball and chain, I’m apparently quite the babbler. She says that when she hears me going, she’ll punch me in the arm. If I don’t stop, she knows I’m just talking in my sleep.

I talk in my sleep, but rarely… either people think I’m awake and have a conversation with me:

Them: " We have to leave early tomorrow, make sure you’re ready to go by 8:00"


or I say or do something as I’m waking up, even though in the back of my mind I know I’m saying/doing something from my dream. Last night I waved something away, even though I saw my bedroom as I was opening my eyes, and I’ve said things like “thanks for making the salads” and “I do love you, even if I do use disposable cameras” to my ex-boyfriend while we slept.

I do, according to my roommate. I usually don’t make actual words, though. The last time was a few days ago, and she asked me (after I woke up) what I had been dreaming about, but I didn’t remember.

Yes, I talk a lot, and even sometimes have conversations… I have had a total of 3 people now tell me that I even speak German in my sleep. Apparently, that’s a good thing, because it shows that I can think in the language or something.

I think it’s embarrassing.

The funniest thing ever, though, wasn’t when I said something in my sleep. I was sitting near one of my friends who was just waking up and he sits straight up, looks at me, and says “Let me borrow your squiggle punch!”
Me: :confused:
Him: “Let me borrow… wait, what? Never mind.”

It’s been many moons since I had a bedmate, but various dorm-room-mates and hotel-room-mates have told me that I talk in my sleep. Sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly, sometimes angrily, but always nonsensically. I don’t think it happens every night, or even most of the time. I’ve never woken myself up, but there have been one or two times when I’ve woken up from a vivid dream where I was talking a lot and would have been willing to bet that I’d talked in my sleep.

Sometimes I think about getting a voice-activated recorder and putting it in the room with me at night. I think I’m afraid of what it might pick up. :wink:

I have been known to talk in my sleep when I was younger. Now on occassion I will start to talk, but only get 2 or 3 words out before the sound wakes me up.

I remember last year I was trying to wake up my roommate to go to class. She said she couldn’t go and I asked why. In her sleep-fuddled state she replied, “I couldn’t go to Chemistry because… the Civil War…zzz
Not because OF the Civil War, and no she was not taking any classes relating to history of any kind.

To this day when she sleeps through a class I just tell its ok, you know, with the civil war and all.

Once, to an ex while I was visiting him in England:
“I’ll only have 78 American dollars left after this trip.”

When I woke up the next morning, he was completely apologetic and told me he didn’t mean for me to go broke visiting him. Until he explained, I was pretty confused because I had tons of money (well, tons for a student) in my savings account.

But the funniest sleep talking was from the ex’s roommate. He just started yelling one night “No! Get that away from me! You know I’m scared of snakes!” The reason this was funny? Because he had two pet snakes. :smiley:

Man, you should hear my brother. Hee-fricken-larious. Half the time it’s carefully articulatated but completely unitelligable gibberish. Imagine the following said in a loud, clear voice from someone you thought was sleeping:

“Hubble beeble glibba boodafibbajabbajabba. Kleeble fitta writta? Blibbenfooba feeple coodafeeda fatta fittajadda!”

The other half of the time he carries on bizzare conversations:

him: “pravnik!”

me: “Uh, what?”

him: “Where’s my hammer?”

me: “Your hammer?”

him: “Yes! Look in the refridgerator!”

me: “The refridgerator?”

him: “Let’s go to the movies!”

me: “Uh, what?”

When I was about 14 or 15, my mother said she was walking down the hall and heard me yell “Stop it Carl!” She said she had my bedroom door open so fast it would make your head spin. Needless to say, I was in my bed alone, sound asleep.

I do not now, nor did I ever, know a Carl. :confused:

How would you get other stuffed animals, I would think they would be at least 1/2 human.

Sometimes, apparently. I’ve woken myself up because I was laughing so hard in my sleep.

I tend to speak strange things when I’m in that in-between state of still sleeping and waking up. I fell asleep on the sofa a few nights ago, and my husband came out in the morning to gently shake me awake and put me to bed before he went to work. Since I’d apparently fallen asleep, I’d forgotten to make my husband’s lunch the night before. My husband says I said to him, slowly and dreamlike, but with a note or urgency:

“Your lunch! I… where’s your lunch? Where did it go? I can’t find your lunch!”

He gently tells me it’s okay, he will make his own lunch today, and I should just go to sleep. I settle down and mutter, “I love your lunch. Some day, I will make you frito pie. That’s what *hill folk * eat.”

The only thing I actually* remember * is that I woke up in bed, wondered how I got there, and feeling vaguely worried about my husband getting his lunch. My husband filled me in on the above when he got home that day.
One of my exes used to have his own damn language when he slept. He’d be laying there, looking peaceful, when suddenly, he’d let out a string of garbled sounds: “ubenilebumileumeluyniminbeniloh!” I mean… it’s hard to explain. I could make a similar sound with my mouth, but trying to type it out is very odd and inaccurate. It had strange hitches and accents. It could get pretty freaky, because he would smile in his sleep, and seem like he was having a perfectly normal conversation, but with these nonsense words. It was neat. He did it all the time. Maybe I should have recorded it; eventually, maybe I would have understood him. :wink:

My roommate sighs, mumbles, occasionally says articulate words, and giggles in her sleep. I always want to wake her up and ask what’s so funny.

My husband still laughs about this to this day, that a few years ago, I was half awake/asleep when he came to bed. My dog and I were curled up sleeping and as he got into bed I said “Don’t worry marge. They’re counting on us.” (Marge was the dog).

Brian, curious as to what was happening said, “Who’s counting on you?”


and then I fell asleep. Sadly, I do not remember my mission to save America.

I talk in my sleep. I don’t think I do it as much as I used to, but I have got a fun little sleep story for you folks…
I’m sleeping next to the ex in the first floor dorm room right next to the circular driveway. I’m having this dream (can’t remember what) and in this dream, I farted. I remember thinking in the dream “hey, wait. Don’t fart. The girl is right there!”…then I realized it was a dream and cut loose with the remainder.

Except I really farted. Apparently, the first blast was so…so…so authoritarian that she was convinced it was a vehicular noise. She wakes up and rolls over me to look out the window to find the truck that blasted its horn, because she was completely convinced that the source of this mystery noise was vehicular in nature. This is about the time where the second part came out, which rightfully startled her. So she punches my shoulder and says “Hey! You just farted!”. I, in about a third-awake state, I respond “No I didn’t…he he he” and then rolled over and fell back asleep.
God I love that story.

My Grandmother started talking in her sleep as she hit 90 and she’s got this really loud voice. It always sounded like she was talking with another person and these conversations would just go on and on. They were freaky to listen to, like she was talking to ghosts. She always talked about mundane things like people coming for visits and such.

Apparently the other night, I asked my girlfriend if her horse was made of jello.

She tried to get me to say more, but I was off in dreamland again…

I do.

Apparently, I’m quite vile and have tourettes according to my wife.

I curse like a sailor and say quite unusual things. I even hold somewhat stable conversations…my wife is shocked in the morning when I say I have no idea of any of the conversation. It’s not until I drift off and make no sense my wife realizes I’m asleep.

The plan is to mate them, not mate *with *them. :wink: