I Started Therapy Today

Well folks, I finally did it. Last week, after about 3 days search which nearly drove me straight to the Pit, I finally found a psychologist and today I started treatment for clinical depression. It’s the first time in about 8 years, and it’s still a bit frightening, but the therapist and I are going to get along fine, I think, and this might actually work!! I can’t tell you why it was so scary, but I’m glad I did it, and I could use a couple of pats on the back. Who knows, one of these days, I might even get it through my thick head that I am a worthwhile, likeable person.

Thanks for listening/reading,

Good for you. When you’re sick, you see a doctor. When you need legal advice, you see a lawyer. When you need car repairs you see a mechanic.

When you’re depressed you see a psychologist. I hope you and this person develop a good working relationship, and good for you for getting some care.


good luck, go slow, and dont give up.

Good for you. Remember, it’s not your job to try to make the therapist like you, or to put a positive spin on things to show how reasonable you are. Let them warts hang out so you can work on the right issues together.

Congratulations! It takes a lot of courage to take that first step. You should be very proud! :slight_smile:

Well done, cj! I started therapy myself again two weeks ago. I wish I could say the first step is the hardest, but it definately is the most important step. Good luck!

I have no experience with this at all, but I believe firmly in getting help when you need it and admitting that other people can on occasion know more than you. That’s got to be difficult, and congratulations for having the strength to do it.

Good on you; way to go; keep up the good work; etc.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted. I went through this 9 years ago in Hawaii, so I know it’s only the first step, but it’s one worth taking. 9 years ago, it was triage; this time, well, who knows what might happen?! (a-a-ah) :slight_smile:

You do realize we’ve got a board full of wonderful people, right?
(Or a wonder full of bored people!)
Ducking and running for my life!

Hey, CJ, good for you!!! If you found therapy useful in the past, that’s a good sign. I hope you find this round helpful.

Hope it goes well for you. Well done.

CJ, congratulations. I know what you mean about the first step being the hardest, and it being a scary decision, but take it slow and steady, and you’ll get there.