I suddenly live on a canal!

Well, for a brief few hours I did, anyway. Last night around 18:00, a very swift but fearsome thunderstorm raged over the city. Hail as big as marbles, lots and lots of rain. And of course, the sewage system didn’t cope with all the water all too well!

Here’s the result!

Ignore the Dutch text, it’s just silly anyway. I think the water stopped rising before any got into the car (the grey Citroën next to the covered motorbike), although I’m not too sure about that low-sitting Alfa in the other pic. :smiley:

It came all the way onto the sidewalk, almost to the level of the single step leading to my door. This means my motorbike was sitting pretty low in the water. Hopefully the engine stayed “dry”, meaning no water made its way in.

Anyway, after a few hours the water slowly drained, and all seems to be well now. I’m off to work in a bit, if the car will run. :slight_smile:

You all have such funny looking cars :stuck_out_tongue:

Cars? Look at the text!

Hope all is well, Coldie. We’ll be calling you soon for use of your vehicle in the filming of Ronin II.

As a road block, I presume? I mean, what good is a 90 BHP diesel in a high speed chase? :slight_smile:

And liirogue, some European cars may be funny looking to you, but realise that the complete reverse goes for us. I saw someone driving a Hummer H2 the other day - in Amsterdam. Now, anyone who’s ever been here can attest that this is a crazy idea. Big-ass car, very narrow streets, tiny parking spaces… you want a Fiat 500, really, not a big land yacht. Really, my car is pushing the envelope as far as inner city size goes, here. And it’s about a meter and a half shorter than an H2. :slight_smile:

Cool. Water fun for all!

A couple years ago, we had such a heavy, sudden rainstorm that people were canoeing down the street a block from my house (on Selby just west of Snelling, for the Twin Citians in the audience).

I thought you folks were good at dikes. But I guess that’s what happens when you live in the Lowlands, low.

We rock at dykes! Umbrellas, however, are more of a Brit thing. :smiley:

Anybody else catch themselves scanning the pics for “Ugly Naked Man”?

Refresh me… that was his name, right?

I have to agree on how stupid most of these large vehicles look. I much prefer the smaller variety (aka The Mini Cooper :smiley: )

But your cars still look funny. :smiley:

Holy hatchbacks! What do you guys have against cars with rear decklids? :smiley: