I survived a car crash today

What a nasty crash today! I was headed northbound and a women crashed into me who I think got a head start on the light headed westbound.

I am ok, but I think the car is probably a total loss. I’m very happy her son is OK. Her 5/6 year old son got out of the car thinking he was going to go to jail.

Anyway, we’re all ok, although I expect I’m headed toward a sore night tonight. The impact of the crash spun me around and I ended up crashing into a pole which held up the stoplight.

Good Gawd! I’m glad to hear that all is well, aside from you being quite sore and the loss of your car. I hope you start feeling better real soon. Good luck to you!

EEP! :eek: You need a treat tonight. Your favorite libation, or some real good ice cream and a good long soak in the tub. Seriously dalej42 I’m glad you’re ok outside of some soreness.

Been there.

Broadsided. Twice. Once by a woman who was stoned on prescription meds, & ran a red light to get me. :smack:

Glad you’re not hurt.

if you live alone have a phone very nearby when you go to bed - you’re likely going to be very stiff in the morning.

I’m happy that I don’t live alone. One of my roommates works in ER admissions for the local hospital up the street. I’m also happy I have health insurance and car insurance.

I’m also very happy I have all the great people of the SDMB.

Glad it wasn’t worse - a car can be replaced - you can’t be! Hope you’re not too sore tomorrow.

Tomorrow and the next day will be the worst. Glad to hear you’re OK. That totally sucks!

One good thing…the other driver didn’t hose up your holiday weekend. We were traveling through Indianapolis last Friday night when an announcement came on the local radio station that a semi had overturned with a load of something gooey (I’ve forgotten the details) on I-70 in the downtown area. My husband and I agreed that the semi driver has most certainly f’d up his holiday weekend.

how did you do today?

I’ve had a lot of close calls but never got hit. Afterwards, my heart pounds so hard it feels like it’s going to jump right out of my chest. I hope you’ve calmed down somewhat now!

Glad to hear you, and all parties involved, walked away from this one.

I recommend seeing a doctor about getting some muscle relaxants. I took them for four days after my accident, and they really relieved the discomfort.

Been there. Done that.

Head on collision that I walked away from in 2001. It was a crap day in my life* and I have to say this that even though no one was hurt other than aches and pains, the image of the other driver and the total damage caused by my van (being superior in every way to his little car) stays with me and rears its ugly head when it is least expected. It is truly an awful, awful feeling.

You are not replaceable and it in the end that is all that matters.

My condolences on your future dealings with the insurance company and finding a new car.

*Probably the worst day. The day I ended up smack dab in the valley of shit and had the monkeys flinging poo at me for the rest of that year.

Wow! Glad you’re mostly okay. I second QN Jones on getting something prescribed for pain relief; you’ll likely feel worse tomorrow than you do right now.

I know how it is. I was in one twenty years ago last month. I was fifteen and a passenger; my brother was driving. Someone ran a stop sign and my brother ran right into him. Not my brother’s fault, and certainly not mine, but it would almost certainly have killed me, if not for the seatbelt. I had a stiff neck for a few days and a brushburn on my collarbone where the seatbelt was. Apart from that, all was well. This scared my mother into wearing her seatbelt, and she would have certainly died in a car accident three years ago if she hadn’t.

The pain wasn’t so bad for me, but then, I was fifteen and thus indestructable. If it keeps up, you should see a doctor. Glad you made it, though.

snogs and hugs Spoil yourself rotten tonight, you deserve it!