I think my next phone is going to be a nokia

Kinda funny thinking about it, after having an iphone for 4 or 5 years. In a couple of weeks the nokia lumia 920 is going to be released and my carrier is going to be the first in Canada to carry it.

Over the summer , I was trying to decide if I should upgrade to the iphone 5, not a big leap coming from the 4, but its a known device with no real surprises. But its gotten boring, everyone seems to have picked up a 4s lately, as the carriers are clearing out stock and giving great deals.

I was not too thrilled with the android ecosystem. I don’t like how some carriers can take forever to upgrade the OS, that’s after the various cellphone manufactures port the OS to the different platforms in the ecosystem. I find their apps annoying, but I am not going to attribute that to anything awful, just that compared to IOS apps, they are not as crisp and as polished.

Rim had nothing out that really caught my eye, and palm is just a different memory , had they brought out WebOs a few years sooner, along with the Pre, things might have been different.

Now the hardware has pretty much caught up to Apple, with all vendors coming up with similar speeds, ram and screen size. Microsoft has caught my eye with a different looking OS, pretty good at enforcing its will on the different vendors , so I think any os update is going to be more like Apple, than Android.

But its the little things that are catching my eye, to transfer a picture from my iphone to the ipad, I have to use an app called bump. Instead of something like Bluetooth for instance. For all its improvements in the OS, Apple still has not given us a native way to transfer files.

Lastly its lost its exclusitivity. Which is what I would call its death throes. Back in the day, the Motorola razer, one of the best phones in history in my opinion. Died a natural death, once the carriers started to give them away, and with that, I dont see the iphone going beyond iphone 6 at this time.


The title makes it sound so much like 2002. I half expected to see an advert was the Attack of the Clones as well. Or one for Korea Japan 2002.

Holy shit that was 10 years ago!!!

My daughter has one of the earlier Lumia phones running Windows Phone 7.

It’s OK. I was very suspicious of the Metro UI when it was first announced, but it seems fairly good - It’s quite clever how they’ve managed to make something very simple and lightweight look visually rich.

The range of available apps is not as diverse as for Apple or Android platforms, however.

Better hurry

I’m conflicted about the Windows phones. The current ones look awesome, and I really like the design of Metro. On the other hand, Microsoft keeps pivoting so hard in the Mobile space in recent years that I’m not inclined to buy anything from them; they don’t seem to care about supporting even relatively recent hardware. Looks like the current phones running Windows 7.5 won’t even be upgradeable to Windows 8. I guess this means they can develop faster, but I think it detracts from their brand in the long term.

At least I know if I buy an iPhone it’s likely to work with the new OS 3 years later (although probably not with 100% of the new features). In my opinion this is one of the biggest things Apple got right that no one else has managed to do.

iCloud + Photostream will do this. Built right into the OS.

This is what I came to say.

I am not going to be left out in the cold due to this. Most of the apps that I had picked up for the iphone will be available for my ipad. As for the windows market place, every app store has started small and grown over time.

When the original iphone first came out, I am betting the nascent app store was not the roided beast it is now.


I think MS was up front about that, I remember reading about it about a year ago, saying that they had two versions coming out, the first would be the cheap version and then I believe this is the apollo version.

Fair point to apple, so in this regards I will be taking a chance. The worst that happens is that I pick up another iphone if I dont like the windows phone.

Requires data over the air and I have to trust apple with regards to security. Not that I have any security concerns now, but its something to keep in mind.


Time marches on lol.


I’ve had a Windows Phone for the last year or so - it’s my first smartphone. So maybe somebody with more experience can explain to me why it’s better to have 30 Twitter apps than four.
'Cuz, really, that seems to be the advantage of having more apps available for Apple or Android - massive duplication of the same function. How many compass apps do you really need?

I’m looking at changing to the Nokia 920 myself - the wireless charging is really cool, and will be quite handy. Dunno if Windows Phone 8 would be worth it by itself.

Well coming from the apple side, those duplicated apps run the the gamut from completely useless, to basically works of art. It gives you greater control over the content you pull in, or send out. Choice in this regard is good, and voting with your dollars ensures that your not locked in to a useless app.


the single biggest problem with Windows Phone is the app support. Though it’s not nearly as dire as WebOS was.

Just because Apple and Android app stores have already grown big, doesn’t mean Microsoft (or any other relative newcomer) will - in fact, the presence of big, established trees in the forest can inhibit the growth of seedlings.

Maybe it will prosper - it really could, if MS gets behind it and pushes hard, but they often just don’t quite seem to do that.

I’m almost certain that I didn’t mean ‘lots of the same thing’ when I said ‘diverse’.

I think thats really two things

One is how hard is it to port over existing apps from andy an apple to windows

The second is how tough is MS going to be for app developers to want to code for them.


iCloud + Photostream works over wifi, same as your Bump app does.

Thank you, I did not realize that. I was’nt thrilled to have to do it with bump either, but needs must when the devil dances, and I believe iphoto and cloud are relatively new, in the applesphere.


I think it probably just comes down to whether MS will keep pushing the snowball until it’s big enough to keep itself rolling - and it’s not by any means certain they will - they’ve been known to fumble it in the past.

App support is the weakest point of the ecosystem…but it’s not a particularly weak point. I moved to WP7 from Android, and was really worried about missing all my apps. It turns out…I just don’t. The phone itself handles so many tasks so smoothly that there’s realtively few apps I feel like I need. And most are available.

The only major lack I’ve found is decent IM clients, and I think WP8 will improve that.

Well, I have a first-generation iPad and it can’t be upgraded to IOS 6. Similarly the iPhone 3G isn’t upgradable to the newer versions of IOS.

Every iPhone so far has been supported by at least three generations of iOS which pretty much works out to three years, the 3G included.