I think Netflix thinks I'm a criminal

I reported Blackadder 3 as not having made it to my house yesterday, and today I have an e-mail about contacting Netflix and my page has “Your Account is On Hold” and “We are unable to send you DVDs” on it. :frowning:

I mean, I’ve reported other stuff missing before. I sent back two that I’d lost the white envelope and followed their directions and they still never reported them as checked in. I’ve had several DVDs just never show up - lost in the mail? Mailbox larceny? I don’t know, but I am not a thief! If I lost it I’d pay for it! So I’ve reported two this month, one of which showed up later and I sent it back and they never received it. One in June, showed up later. Two in May, one of which showed up later. One in January. Two last December - those are the ones they never reported as checked in. One last October, which showed up, etc.

I mean, is this really excessive? I’m on the six at a time plan, used to be on the seven plan. We send them back fairly frequently. I haven’t had a chance to call them yet - has anybody else had this happen?

Your duplicate OPs are excessive, young lady!

Don’t worry, I reported one.

No experience with the Netflix issue though. I know they allow a certain number reported lost, but apparently you’ve exceeded it. Good luck with your chat!

Is the SDMB going to kick me out too? Sob!

The fact it’s not registered mail is the reason I hate Netflix. You’re fine until one is lost, and then how do you prove it was not your fault.

Well, obviously they give you quite a few losties. And I don’t want it registered mail - then you’re not home and who the hell is going to sign for it?

Well, I’ve gotten 35 DVDs from Netflix. I’ve only had one not show up … but then a few weeks later it appeared on the shelf next to the mailboxes in my building. opened. :mad:


Had Netflix for a couple of years and haven’t lost a single one. Had one show up cracked and a couple more unreadable, but they’ve all show up and got back to their destination. I’ve had a locking mailbox for a while though, maybe they’re being ripped off?

They put my account on hold for a while - the movies seemed to be getting stolen off my steps (placed there because they wouldn’t fit in my mailbox). I explained the problem, and they asked if they could ship them to another address (work, a friend’s, whatever). They didn’t think I was a criminal, they just wanted to make sure they weren’t losing too many of the DVDs. I told them I was moving, and they could switch to my new address. They sounded relieved, and that was that.

I’d call them at 866-716-0414. Explain the situation. A computer probably thought you went over the limit for lost dvds.

Good lord, I’ve rented 279 DVDs from them. We have GOT to start getting out of the house more. That doesn’t even count the stuff we can’t wait for and get at Blockbuster, and things we watch on the computer or the media computer or the DVR. It’s just driving me nuts that I can’t call yet because I’m at work.

At least you haven’t suffered The Curse of “The Navigator”. I got 3 (or was it 4?) broken copies in a row. The Nexflix folks never even hinted it was a problem when I called. I figured they’d get me an intact copy eventually.

They ended up shipping one from the east coast somewhere. It was worth the wait, though. Very interesting flick!

Yeh obviously it’s a pain, but now who might have to pay to get a working account? I wouldn’t use it if I had to be home to get the disk either. I didn’t say registered mail was going to make the service good. I was just pointing out you have no proof if it isn’t sent by registered mail. Hence you risk having to pay for the DVD’s that get lost. That’s the suck part of their service model you buy into.


I’m certain we’ve rented way over that. WE need to get out more.

Nah. Why?

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten one or two damaged DVDs, one was lost but I found it in the couch cushions after I reported it, and sent it back. Once I had a DVD show up as returned before I got it. The post office sent me an empty envelope in a plastic bag with a note “sorry! We got it like this!” The disc must have fallen out at Netflix before it even hit the mail system.

Your lost & missing DVDs do seem excessive. Are you sure the neighbors aren’t helping themselves to your mailbox? Or maybe you live in DC? When I lived there everyone had PO boxes outside the district.

I’ve been using Netflix for 3 1/2 years. I get up to 3 at a time. Only 2 DVDs have ever remained missing. A couple or so took a circuitous route and I reported them missing but they eventually showed up so I sent them right back.

Oddly enough the 2 permanently missing left Netflix to me on the same date so I’m thinking some screw up at their end. Or they were just traveling together and the letter carrier messed up as they sometimes do. Netflix never hassled me about any reported missing–in either direction.

I’ve had Netflix for going on 9 years now, and have had only a handful of issues. Each time, it’s been no problem, whether it’s that a disk was bad, they didn’t receive a disk I sent back, or I didn’t receive one they sent to me. No need for registered mail, they seem to just trust what you say, unless it gets out of hand.

They are very nice customer service people. I’ve only had a few very small issues with them. Once, they sent me the wrong disk - I asked for some movie and they sent me “Married with Children”. :dubious: They gave me a discount off my monthly fee. But I’m only on the one-at-a-time plan.
I’ve had to call them once, when they shipped a DVD wrong twice, and they were wonderful about it. I think it will probably be OK once you call them.

Well, I called and the guy was really nice. He said that when you report a certain number the computer puts you on hold so you call and they make sure nothing’s wrong. (Translation: if you had only been our customer for a month or two, this conversation would be very different.) He said the number I’ve had problems with is fine for the amount of time I’ve been with the, but if I continue to have problems they can contact my postmaster general for me and make sure there’s not something going on on my route.

However. I started thinking about it - haven’t seen National Geographic in a little while. Ditto Game Informer. (My Virginia Quarterly Review and Harper’s always make it to me, which just reinforces the theory.) Same homeless woman as once broke into Himself’s car was rooting around on my porch one day. (The cops can never catch her - she’s very fast and sly.) I know she stole my phone book. I’m getting Himself to set up some cameras on my porch.

Nothing to add to the Netflix discussion but I just have to share that I am amused by this comment. I wish someone would steal some of my phone books. Every year we get THREE. I am not making this up. This has been going on for several years. I’ve thrown some out, but it’s like we’re awash in phone books at my house. Open a drawer, there’s a phone book. And naturally, you can’t find ANYTHING in ANY of them. It’s like they’re for different selections of people, in every one. I’ve gotten so I never even use them. Yet we have them everywhere.

It’s like a bad episode of Twilight Zone.

I know, who the hell steals a phone book? It was on the porch because I hadn’t bothered to take it in the house!

Stuffing to keep warm or material for the fire.