I think Netflix thinks I'm a criminal

I reported Blackadder 3 as not having made it to my house yesterday, and today I have an e-mail about contacting Netflix and my page has “Your Account is On Hold” and “We are unable to send you DVDs” on it. :frowning:

I mean, I’ve reported other stuff missing before. I sent back two that I’d lost the white envelope and followed their directions and they still never reported them as checked in. I’ve had several DVDs just never show up - lost in the mail? Mailbox larceny? I don’t know, but I am not a thief! If I lost it I’d pay for it! So I’ve reported two this month, one of which showed up later and I sent it back and they never received it. One in June, showed up later. Two in May, one of which showed up later. One in January. Two last December - those are the ones they never reported as checked in. One last October, which showed up, etc.

I mean, is this really excessive? I’m on the six at a time plan, used to be on the seven plan. We send them back fairly frequently. I haven’t had a chance to call them yet - has anybody else had this happen?

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