I think Sox 'N Sandals look all right with long pants. Gotta problem with that?

I realize that Sox 'N Sandals™ constitute one of the all time classic fashion gaffes, but to me the phrase evokes the image of someone wearing ugly Bermudas and black knee socks with their sandals. But what about wearing socks and sandals with long pants? I for one don’t think that looks bad. And sometimes it’s just the right amount of warmth for the feet.


Hey! At last someone else who does not see what this alleged ‘fashion gaffe’ is! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen socks on sale specifically intended to be worn with sandals, fer cryin’ out loud! Dark socks, dark sandals, dark pants… works for me. Personally, I think my feet are uglier than the socks they’re in anyway.

Though I’ve heard that socks-with-sandals thends to be a Canadian thing. YMMV.

Hm. That would be one of those “only if everyone else is doing it” kind of things for me. Personally, I don’t think it looks as horrible as some people would have you believe. And hey, it’s comfy, too.

Now, if only people will start wearing boat shoes again so I can dust off my Rockports…

I’m in agreement with you.

Sometimes I’m wearing socks around my apartment and when I want to step out for a few minutes, I don’t feel it warrants the effort of tying shoes (we all know how strenous that can be). So I slip on the Birks and away I go…

I think it looks horrible. Hosiery of any sort with open-toed shoes of any sort look horrible to me.

But they ain’t my feet. Promise I won’t say anything, or even titter behind my hand at you, as long as y’all don’t make fun of the silk magnolia I sometimes wear in my hair. We all have our quirks.

I’m with Gundy. I just friggin’ don’t like it, although I will admit that the hose with open-toed sandals on women is the thing that will make me recoil in horror. Compared to that, sandals and socks looks only midly silly, but hey, I’m sure I wear silly things too (I have pics from the 80’s as proof of this!)
Carry on, but just know it ain’t sexy…

“Now, if only people will start wearing boat shoes again so I can dust off my Rockports…”

I wear boat shoes quite often. I had no idea I’ve no doubt been constantly leaving in my wake groups of citizens screaming in horror & turning their babies’ faces away…On the other hand I seldom look at anyone’s feet & I guess if someone can get a laugh out of mine, they’re welcome to.

Maybe it’s a regional thing? Where exactly is “Hell’s greenroom”?
Here in the South, boat shoes were pretty much on the decline in the late 80’s, I believe. However, if you live in a big fishing community, or actually do a lot of boating, then who knows?
I wish they would come back too. I loved docksiders and the like.
After all, they do still sell them, right? How “out of style” can they be?

I would have to disagree. It looks ridiculous.

Ummm, they’re out of style? Oh, ok.

I think sandals with socks looks kinda weird too, then again I wear deck shoes. Socks and shoes, or, sandals and bare feet.

Here in Seattle there is nothing wrong with sox under sandals. Birkenstocks and Tevas are year round attire so when it’s a little chilly you wear sox under them to keep your toes warm. They even sell big fuzzy sox specifically for this purpose. It wasn’t until I moved to MA for college that I learned of the irrational predjudice against this perfectly normal practice. One of my friends helpfully pointed out that I was wearing sox with my Tevas and my response was something like, “Yeah, so what?”

Sorry, but I think socks with sandals look awful, period. As Gundy suggests above, though, they’re your feet and it’s really none of my business.

I suppose if you wear boxers under your speedos, socks with sandals will be a nice addition to your version of fashion.

Once I was at a picnic thrown by a good friend of my boyfriend, and afterward my boyfriend and I were talking about it. My boyfriend said, “Joe asked me if you had gone to college.”

“Cool,” I think to myself, “I must have said something erudite that gave away the fact that I’m college educated. I wonder what I said.”

“What made him ask that?” I asked my boyfriend.

“'Cause you were wearing socks with sandals.”