I think that we need a secret handshake or something

As a waiter I hear bits of lots of conversations. The other day I heard a guest mention “straight dope.” I got up the nerve to ask if they were talking about our “Straight Dope,” but I think that we should be able to avoid this problem.

We need to have some sort of a hand signal or something to avoid the uncomfortable question asking.

Any suggestions?

“Gotcha Ya!”

“ItShut Up. It’s not funny!”

Bringin the clenched fist up and down in the manner of OG when he smash.

Just walk up to the table and say “Hi Opal!”

If they don’t get it, pretend you thought they were someone else.

I like the “Hi Opal!” suggestion.

Being that the Og Smash sign might have unfortunate results while delivering sizzling food to a table.

I went to a small Dopefest(four people) in Kansas City about three years ago. It was held at an upscale tavern. I was last to arrive, and the guy at the door wouldn’t tell me if any of the others were there. I finally spotted them. I’m told that when the girl who was third to arrive got there, and ran into the same problem, she just walked through the bar calling “Anyone here know Cecil Adams?”


Snake Legs – you didn’t say – were they Dopers or not? If not, what did they make of your question?

I agree. That thread(when was that?) made me nearly fall out of my chair.

In a loud voice, mention "words ending in ‘gry’ ". You’ll soon know who the Dopers are.

Well, how could that work? I mean, none of us have actually met him, right? And he’s only got a hundred posts or so, so…

A lurker requests some help here!

Can someone link me to the thread where “Gotcha Ya!” originated? I know about ItShutUp, but not this one. My searching made the hamsters so very angry.

Thank you!

“Gotcha Ya” :


oops, ignore the helpfully highlighted “gotcha” all the way through, lol.

Ah. Thank you very much. Hilarious.

I’ve used the “Hi Opal!” in conversations before, mostly when I’m debating in the model U.N.s in this area because I am speaking in front of a large group of people (more chance of a doper being there).

When listing off reasons for something I just toss “Hi Opal” as the third reason.

Once someone I already knew from online in this area (I showed them the boards but they never became a member, only browsed) heard me and came up and introduced themselves.
Kinda counts.

Actually, we’ve used reservations under the name “Cecil Adams” at the NYC '00 Dopefest. Worked like a charm.

If I met a suspected Doper, I’d politely ask him/her: “Have we met before? Did Cecil introduce us? Cecil Adams? I thought we might have met at his lawn party . . .”

I’m up for a handshake though. And a secret decoder ring.

I’m a regular IRCer, and a couple times I’ve come across a nick I recognize. I’ll simply ask the user if “SDMB” means anything to them. Both times they’ve said no, but in theory, I think it would work.

I do like the Cecil Adams ideas though. Very clever.

Once we’ve completed the implementation of the combination forehead tatoos/subdermal implants with vBulletin version 6.6.6 this and many other problems will be a thing of the past.