I tried retsina

I was at a dinner at a Greek restaurant and got to try retsina wine for the first time. It was actually quite good and tasted like it should viz. white wine with the faint taste of pine needles. I might pick up a bottle because although it’s not an every night or even a full glass wine for me, I could see on occassion having a half-glass of it.

I had been given a small bottle of it back in the 80s. I will agree that it is not something that I would drink lots of, but it is an interesting taste, sort of like I also like lapsong souchong tea, but I don’t want it every day [it has a heavy smokey taste and is an acquired taste.]

Be sure to enjoy retsina in moderation, or else you’ll end up with a mighty hangover. I learned it the hard way in Greece after killing two bottles with a friend. Ouch.

That must have been a better retsina than what I tried at a Greek restaurant. It tasted like what might have been white wine (or might have been badly-distilled then watered back down bootleg hooch with a tiny amount of grape flavor, for all I could tell), with a rather overpowering pine needle/turpentine taste.
It’s nice to know that like cholesterol and country music, there is a good kind, too.

Love retsina, but only with Greek food. I really miss the mom-n-pop joint in my college town that sold it.