I used to be on Nancy's side, now I can't stand her. (Weeds spoilers)

What a terrible, screwed up mother she turned out to be. Perhaps now with U-Turn gone (and what a great way to go, btw) she’ll be able to get a grip on herself and her kids.

Do you think she’ll become a heroin dealer? Exactly how much did bro-in-law calculate the black tar street value to be?

Really? You just now can’t stand her? I watch the show because I enjoy just about every other character, but have never been able to stomach Nancy and her whiny, self-centered ways, and I think she’s been a terrible mother from the get-go.

In the beginning I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She seemed to be trying at least and circumstances got away from her.

Now she’s being not onlyl neglectful but right out damaging to her kids. Plus her wide-eyed, poor, poor pitiful deer-caught-in-the-headlight look is really beginning to grate.
Best line all season:
Nancy: How am I gonna put food on the table?
U-Turn: Get a fucking job!

Did it really never occur to her to work for a living?

“shut Your Fucking Mouth Marvin!”

Is Nancy the one played by Mary Louise Parker?



I liked the first two seasons, or maybe the first one and a half. I haven’t watched every episode this season – it’s become a bit too silly. I understand it’s a comedy, or a “dramedy”, but even comedy needs some realism.

I liked her when she was more take-charge. In the first season when the competition was penny-ing her car, she took a gun to 'em (fake gun, but threatened him none-the-less) then she built an empire and the story was looking good, Like how would she run an empire and a family, there was a good show with similar undertones on …hmmm Soprano’s anyone?! And they did pretty well.

I like her less now. Her and Celia. Doug and Dean haven’t changed, but the only really likable character is Conrad (and maybe Isabelle, if she were in it more)

Of course she’s not a good mother, most of the other characters aren’t a bit redeeming either.

I don’t think it’s point is to mirror real life, just the absurdity of what can go on behind closed doors in a middle class suburb.

She’s a terrible mother, but she knows it. I think this season has swung pretty close to the ridiculous but I expect it to swing back. Last ep, she was totally neglecting Shane and had a moment of motherly guilt when she stood in his bedroom doorway and watched him sleep. I think she’s going to get it back on track.

Hope so, anyway.

Best characters are Celia, Conrad, U-Turn (dead), and Andy.

$40,000 - $80,000 per kilo.
There’s about 20 kilos in the trunk.

Broken down, it’s worth 10 times that.
So… $8-16 million, in a perfect world.
I doubt she’ll deal the heroin though. Either Marvin will get it back, she’ll sell it to someone else, or Andy will become an addict (see his reaction when Nancy showed him the trunk?) and will fuck it all up (given the show’s history, I’d say this is the most likely option)

I think Nancy is really lost without Judah. She can’t handle parenting and breadwinning at the same time. I think Silas is completely fucked-- he’s dealing her drugs for her and is doing great at it… why would he stop before he wound up in jail? Shane is being indoctrinated by fundamentalist Christians. She’s a total screw up as a mother. She knows it. We’re just watching the descent.

Why did Nancy decide to bang Sullivan?!? Did I miss some key element that foreshadowed this?

I don’t think you missed anything, but she said it herself- she’s resourceful. I’m sure she’ll use her sexual ju-ju over him to work for her benefit somehow. And hey- a woman gets horny.

That was weird. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. She kept brushing off his advances and then suddenly she shows up in his office and strips down. WTF?

Aside from that, I thought this week’s was the best episode I’ve seen in quite some time. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to cut out that business with Sullivan. Oh, and get rid of Mary-Kate. What the hell is she doing on this show? If she sticks around much longer it might mean the end for me.