I want a Playstation Pocketstation

I need one that is compatible with North American Playstations/PS2s. I can find lots of them that are compatible for the Japanese consoles.

And, of course, I want one that works well. I don’t care about the color, or minor cosmetic damage.

Can you use it to play pocket pool?


What do you mean by “compatible”? It was never released in America.

I mean that I have a PS2 that I play my games on, which is intended for the NA market. And I want the Pocketstation to be compatible with it. I’m not sure if the Japanese versions are compatible with it, or not. I’ve seen various Pocketstations available for sale on eBay, but they are all from Japanese sellers, and the wording in the listings makes me think that maybe they aren’t compatible.

Basically, I’m looking for someone who knows that his/her Pocketstation will work with a NA version PS, and is willing to sell it.

And yes, I’m replaying FF8.

As Splines said, it was never released in America. So any PocketStation available would be a Japanese one. That said, it is compatible with some US games.


Huh. I was going by what was said on the old AOL forums a decade ago. All this time I could have bought a Japanese version? That’s what I get for believing AOL users.

OK, so I’m still in the market for a Pocketstation. Color and cosmetic appearance don’t matter to me, I’m only interested in functionality.