I want my music back

I’ve been listening to the new Rammstein album, and it’s got me thinking.

My musical tastes are, I admit, bad. I like heavy metal. I like a little dissonance and distortion, and I think a good guitar is one that’s screaming for mercy. It doesn’t hurt that it’s not what everyone else is listening to. However, I feel like a leper whenever I admit that I like a certain band, because inevitably someone brings up the connection. “Isn’t that what those Columbine kids listened to?” I have a tattered old remnant, one of my most prized possessions, of a Metallica t-shirt from their first album, Kill 'em All. Can’t wear that one anymore.

So who let these yahoos claim my favorite tunes? Why does my music have to be labeled exclusively a destructive juvenile fantasy? Why, Bog help me, is liking Rammstein any worse than listening to soft ‘rock’ or bubblegum pop?

Are you talking about Marilyn Manson? Because I’ve never heard anyone make a Columbine connection to Metallica or Rammstein. If you are talking about Marilyn Manson, cheer up – he gets blamed for EVERYTHING, so the next cataclysm will sever any connection to Columbine.

Du … du hast. Du not know any of the other lyrics, though.

If anyone tries tell you that certain bands caused a school shooting, feel free to cut them down. Hell, the goal here is to fight ignorance.

Fuck, just shoot them. :wink:

Well, apparently every band who’s fans wear black or dont dress like they were on The Grind were responsible for Columbine :rolleyes:

Even Low? They even have a song with the lyrics “you can’t trust Violence”. Of course, the name of the song is “Violence” which probably caused a bit of confusion.

Seriously, Rammstein at least is far more musically interesting than peppy popular crap. Metallica I think has run their course. Some of the old stuff might still be worth listening to, but I’m rather tired of it by now.

Try Kittie. They kick ass, and I really like them, but no one can blame them for violent influences because they’re women. Use the idiots’ set-in-stone ideas against them.