In which I pit the theiving collegian

I don’t get it. It was a holiday, a time of merriment, the celibration of a new year.

And you broke into my car. You took all of my CDs.

You probably don’t even like the music I listen to, as it’s not pop-crap. I can see the Outkast CDs getting stolen, those are pretty popular, but the NOFX, AFI, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd stuff? Odds are, you don’t like or want those CDs.

How did you even get in? The car was locked, I remember clicking the remote and seeing the lights flash once; locked it was. There’s no visible damage. How did this happen? Why didn’t you take anything else?

Finally, how am I going to replace these? Some of them were rare (Led Zeppelin’s BBC Sessions). Other than that, they are expensive. About 55 CDs, 46 of which I can remember, and I have to rebuy all of them. Thanks, asshole. I hope you burn in hell.

Rather, I hope someone breaks in to your place and takes everything you own, so you too can feel this intense feeling of loss and violation of personal space. I’m glad there are no suspects; I’m glad I don;t know who you are. If I did, I may do something rash, and neither of us wants that. I’d hate to have to use the lacrosse equipment you left in the car againt you, so hope that I don’t find out who you are.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading. At least it was just my CDs, and not the whole car, which also had my leather coat and checkbook in it. Things could have been a whole lot worse.

Not to interrupt a rant or anything, but you have made sure you’re not missing any checks, right?

Hey, now, don’t be knockin’ the RIAA’s new plan to spur sales. . .

I keep mostly burned copies of CDs in the car, for fear of this type of thing. Sucks especially when you know they’ll just toss them or something. My brother had a quite large collection of a bunch of different Canadian coins, until someone broke in and stole them. They probably ended up in a vending machine. :frowning:


My sympathies, wmulax. Two Halloweens ago, my car radio/CD player was stolen, along with five CDs*. And the window was broken to accomplish this.

But, and I don’t wish to offend, because of this, I now bring in not only my faceplate (shame on me for not having done that in the first place) but all the CDs, whenever I park the car. You really should do that, yanno. It may be a PITA, but it’ll save you this kind of grief.

*Thanks again and again to infinity to the Dopers who helped me replace them.

Thanks for the reminder, troub, I just checked and all of my checks are still in there. Whew. This is especially good since student loans were just dispersed today.

Rilch, I used to do that when I had a removeable faceplate. I just figured I didn’t need to take my big ass CD wallet in with me. I guess I’ll start doing what my friend does, and only keep one CD in the car at a time.

Nanoda, I luckily had ripped six of my favorites onto my computer already, so relief is only a mouseclick away. I was working on backing all of them up on to this sweet new laptop, but I guess I didn’t move fast enough.

Oh well, live and learn.

Thanks for the support, I needed some kind words right about now.