I want to dip my veggies in it.

For between meals, I do veggies plus hummus. This morning I tried some guacamole instead, but it doesn’t turn out to be a pleasant mix of tastes.

I have this notion that guacamole and hummus are nutritionally just about equivalent. (Right? Wrong?) I’m wondering, now, about these yogurt dips (some styled tzaziki, other’s simply called ‘yogurt dip’) which I see alongside the hummus. Calorically, they’re the same by volume. But are they likely to be nutritionally much better or worse, in general, as accompaniments to carrots, tomatoes, jicama and snow peas? Or is this something not to worry about?

Hummus is a bean product, which means it contains protein. It also contains whatever amount of oil has been added to thin it out. Guacamole is mostly avocado, which is quite high in fat, with no protein. Why not just google the info?

The yogurt dips will have the nutritional info on the packages.

Thanks for the excellent reply.

I should clarify I am not asking for information which can be easily looked up through google or by checking labels on packages. On those occasions when I do try to make these determinations by checking labels on packages, I am told that this is the wrong way to think about it. Hence the question.

With that said, I did think for some reason that Avocados are high in protein. I don’t know why I thought that, and because I thought it, I would never have thought it necessary to google it. So thank you for bringing that new information to my attention.

I tried to incorporate Avocado into stuff…Guacamole on Standard Tex/Mex food, but it was always gross. It kept competing for flavor space. Guacamole was only good with “fresh fried” corn chips and other corn flour stuff, not for other veggies. (the California roll gets a pass though)

I just like it plain on the half shell with a squirt of Lime, cilantro, Salt n Pepper…and a spoon.