I Want To Go To There

New to the Board(Hello). Tried to do a search on a couple of topics, didn’t end well(I may just be stupid). Could there be a thread for newbs to throw out a potential topic that older Dopers could link to a pre-existing thread?

Name some topics and perhaps some of us will see what we can find. We’re all new to the current search engine, having just migrated to this platform, and the search engine isn’t great (the previous one wasn’t either but I’d learned how to work it).

You can do a Google search by typing the search (such as “how can I eat Earth”) followed by site:boards.straightdope.com, though a large percentage of the links are still broken after the forum move and also please don’t eat Earth.

I was watching a making of Back to the Future last night and tried to find threads on the movie and time travel in general, with no luck.
I will try the Google search, thanks.

Oh, if you want to know about BttF you need to read this post.

Here’s what I got when I clicked the board’s Search icon, typed in “Back to the Future” (in quotes), and selected “Cafe Society” from the “Category” pull-down menu.

Ummm, you realize you’re giving access to time travel information to Galactus, right?

Shhh. It’s a trick. We’re trying to get him to travel back to before 2005 when the Fantastic Four were still good.