I want to pit people who believe in the sanctity of marriage.

And not being able to bang a woman who obviously wants to bang you, but won’t because she’s married. She says that “my God is watching me and there’s no way I’m going to ruin my entrance into heaven for a little guilty pleasure.”


Oh well, didn’t feel like going there THAT bad anyways. :wink:

I’m not really mad or anything, I DO understand and admire her for not doing anything. It just sucks when you meet someone who is extremely compatible in every way and they are married.

Wait… as far as God is concerned isn’t she already guilty of adultery just for wanting to?

You’re Pitting a married woman who cannot defend herself on this message board because she wouldn’t sleep with you?

On that note, I Pit a lot of hot chicks.

Apparently, God is the universe’s biggest pervert.

I’d be more inclined to pit her for using God and Heaven as a reason for not dishonouring her marriage, rather than respect or love for her husband.

I’m an atheist. I’ve been married 30 years. I believe in the sanctity of marriage, not because of some religious reason, but because:
(1) I made a commitment to my wife, and
(2) it would hurt her if I broke that commitment.

The plan of action is clear: slip some Dawkins and Sagan under her door, wait a little bit, and then get ready for some serious allogamy!

Are you sure she really wanted to bang you? I mean, it could have just been Christian compassion or something, and maybe she said the God is watching thing to spare your feelings - it’s easier on the ego than, say ‘Ewwww! I wouldn’t touch you with a nine foot pole - you look like a diseased spaniel with a habit of chasing parked cars, and you smell like stilton that a tramp ate, then later vomited all down his jacket’

Perhaps the woman was just intimidated by his enormous member.

Haha! I’d forgotten about that one.

With such an enormous penis, it’s not surprising he smells like tramp’s Stilton vomit - washing his gigantic schlong must be like painting the Forth Bridge.

Meh. I suspect this thread is a slightly more subtle version of the “Help me with my MASSIVE WANG” one.

Edit: Bah, beaten to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, but he’s Pitting a woman who wants to bang him.

That should reduce your Pit load tremendously. Could actually save you from having to Pit anyone.


You’ve got class up the ass, digglebop.

He COULD have, if not for that damned god.


Oh La. Reminded of an old joke - what’s the different between a slut and a bitch? A slut bangs everyone, a bitch bangs everyone except you.

Perhaps the thought of having sex with you brought on a religious conversion.


My understanding is that God comes first and foremost in everything, love for God should lead her not to dishonor her marriage and give her the respect and love for her husband.

I do disagree with it ruining her entrance into heaven, but leading others (you) into sin would be not good.

I suspect she’s worried that his enormous wang would ruin her “entrance to heaven” IYKWIM. :wink:

That’s awfully considerate of you.

You fucking tool.

Dude…you really don’t want any part of that impending train wreck. If a married woman is even interested in you in that way she’s a seriously messed up twist that won’t let it go after a single bang-fest. But if you’re a glutton for drama, by all means stay on the trail, she’ll give it up sooner or later, and by & by you’ll have a whole new respect for “the sanctity of marriage.”