I Was Kidding

Gaudere closed this thread.

But I didn’t want to leave any confusion.
My comments were made in jest.

I just read an informative summary of the LDMB fiasco and I can understand why the board would be touchy about this sort of thing. Tom’s summary can be read here, over on Opalcat’s board. Just in case any of my fellow newbies might be interested in how missunderstandings can sour inter-Board relations.

Sorry if I caused some concern.

“fellow NEWBIES”? Not any more, Oh Mr. 500 posts.

I take back the nice things I just posted in your thread!

:: wink wink ::

Well, FWIW, 2sense, I at least understood that you were speaking in jest.

It’s not a big deal, I guess. I just got back and read the comments after mine and didn’t want anyone to lose sleep.

I have been posting some over there and I have yet to see red_dragon60 cause any trouble either.