I was married for _____ years, and my ex could never understand that _____.

I was married for 12 years, and my ex could never understand that it’s better to earn interest on something, and then pay taxes on the interest, than to never have earned interest at all.

SERIOUSLY… She never wanted our money to earn interest! “You’re killing me with all this interest we are earning! I have to pay taxes on it!”

How bad was it, you ask? I earned 30k US Dollars in interest/earnings one year via great/lucky investments, and it cost me between 6-8k in taxes, and all she knew was that she lost “…10-thousand dollars…!!!” By her math, she rounded up anything bad. Even using her dramatic effect rounding, I made us an extra 20k dollars, but she never understood this!! – NEVER!

I feel better doing this. :slight_smile:

Please add your own! Fill in the blanks!

**I was married/in relationship for _________ years, and my ex could never understand that ________!


25 years

Sex is a normal part of a relationship. :rolleyes:

Can **am **married people participate too?

Sure! I’ve been married for _________ years, and my spouse still doesn’t understand that_______ !

Have at it!

I was married for seven years before my wife understood that when the house is too warm you lower the thermostat. She preferred opening the windows.

In the winter.

With me insisting that we were PAYING to heat up all of Colorado.

I’ve been married for a few months but with Mr. Horseshoe for almost a decade, and he still refuses to acknowlege that the cats keep pooping. Seriously, dude, if I ask you if you had a chance to scoop out the litterbox today, don’t tell me “No, but I did it yesterday!”

I don’t care if the box was clean yesterday! That was yesterday! The cats have taken one or three shits since then, I promise you!

Minor compared to most of what most people bitch about with their spouses or exes, I know. It’s all I got - I married me a good un. :slight_smile:

I’ve been married for 31 years. For most of that time I was in public relations. My wife has never understood the concept of my speechwriting for clients.

“You mean you tell them what to say?”

“I don’t tell them what to say. I talk with them to get their ideas, what they want to say. Then I put it on paper for them.”

“But you still tell them what to say.”

“I don’t just hand them the speech right before they give it. We review it, and if they don’t like something I wrote, we change it.”

“If they spend time telling you what they want to say, and then spend time making sure you wrote it right, why don’t they just use that time to write the speech themselves?”

:smack::smack::smack::smack::smack: “If that’s the way you feel, why is it that when you punch the wrong buttons on the universal remote, you call me, wait for me to stop whatever I’m doing, come over, figure out what you did to the remote and undo it? Why don’t you just take that time to learn the remote yourself?”

“Because I don’t pay you to work the remote for me.”

If the house is 65 degrees and my wife would like it to be 70 degrees, she turns the thermostat up to 80 “so it will warm up faster.” No harm done, if she would catch it at 70 before we all start to boil.

I was married (the first time) for 10 years, and my ex could never understand that if you get fired multiple times from multiple jobs, the problem is likely to be you, not them!

Seriously, it was never his fault. Never. Ever. He managed to lose three jobs in three months (in a far better economy, obviously). Each time he was fired it was Not His Fault.


I have been married for 19 years and my husband still can’t understand that if I get out of bed at 2:00 am to pee, I am not going any farther than the bathroom. You don’t have to ask where I am going. If I was going to leave you I wouldn’t do it a 2:00 am, in my pajamas, with a really bad case of bedhead.

And when I come back to bed, I don’t know what the weather is like outside. I don’t know how cold it is, or if the clouds came in. I can’t even see at 2:00 am. I do not think coherent thoughts at 2:00 am.

I’ve been married for 30 years and my wife still can’t understand that if she says “Please turn down the TV, it’s too loud”, I’m going to say “What?”.

I was married for 6 years, and my ex could never understand that just because you have seasonal allergies, it’s not necessary to keep all the windows AND the blinds shut throughout spring and summer.

It was like living in a cave with bubble boy. In the same bubble. The same inescapable, sniffly bubble.

Not married, but I was with my ex for ten years, and he could never understand that I am not a phone person. I don’t particularly like talking on the phone, and I especially don’t want to spend the time that you’re in your car driving to my house on the phone with you. You’re going to be here in ten minutes! We’ll talk about it when you get here!

Ditto, only it was 21 years. Also, that I was not just one of the children to deal with. Also that I was never going to convert to her religion.

I was married for 11 years, and my ex could never understand that screaming at me and insulting me in front of the children doesn’t really generate any empathy for her feelings.

I’ve been married for 14 years and my husband still doesn’t understand that if you have to be somewhere at 5, you have to start getting ready before 5.

He thinks it means that at 5 you should start thinking about getting ready. So at 5 he’ll finish reading the article, then write a few emails, then take a shower, get dressed, look up the address of where we are going, get distracted by something or other, then get in the car and drive. He’ll get there at maybe 6:30.

And each and every time he is totally dismayed that a) he is late b) people are mad that he’s late c) he’s missed a lot because he was late and d) he has a reputation for being late.

I’m confused. I have to be somewhere at 5. It’s not 5 yet. Why should I start now?

That is totally how he thinks! If I start reminding him at 4 that maybe he should start showering, planning how to get there, etc. He looks at me like I’m crazy and says, “But it’s not 5 yet!”

Just tell him things start an hour before they actually do.

Gah!!! I know so many people who do that. I think it might be a marriage dealbreaker for me. I don’t want to have to spend my life in prison for murdering someone.