I was thinking of registering cebu.com

I’ve been thinking that my journal site needs a new domain name, one that better reflects who I am right now. Unidentity.net was something I chose when my life was in a turmoil – I’d just left my fiance, lost my job, and had no place to live. I had no idea where I was going or what I wanted, and I wasn’t sure who I was/wanted to be. So it fit.

The other day I was thinking about getting cebu.com and doing subdomains like mute.cebu.com, sad.cebu.com, sick.cebu.com, and littleboyandhisthree.cebu.com. Very VeggieTales. Of course, cebu.com/.net/.org are all taken. :o (<-- that’s my “oh, well” smile.)

So, does anyone have any suggestions for a homeschooling, recently reborn (hate that term!), linux geek with three (nearly four) kids and a hand coded php journal site?

that’s such a sweet idea! I suggest finding a varient of cebu, like using “threecebu.com” or something… or pick something else from VeggieTales… like…actually, I don’t know, but with all that going on, I would think savemysanity.com might work well… Sorry if this doesn’t help, I just loved the cebu idea

You might want to Google cebu and the Phillipines–I believe Cebu is one of the islands there. The domain might be already taken.

how about danceofthecucumber.com?

Yeah, sunspace, I know it’s already gone. :slight_smile:

I was thinking twtdda.com – The Website That Doesn’t Do Anything! With a Pirate them, of course. :slight_smile:

What about some other HLD names?
Does it really matter that it would imply you’re not from the US?
After all, many sites outside the US have .com names.

Oops. Sorry. I missed that.

How about .info?

I really don’t like the smaller domain extensions. Especially after what happened with my first domain. I had slowly.org, a friend accidently went to slowly.com, and she ended up with porn on a school computer. :o



How about waterbuffalo.com?

My younger daughter borrowed the DVD. Older daughter’s bf scoffed at it - but he was singing along in half an hour. Both daughters (16 and 21) can do the water buffalo track complete with accents.

How about myhairbrush.com? That leads to whereis.myhairbrush.com, backthereis.myhairbrush.com, nohairfor.myhairbrush.com, and of course takecareof.myhairbrush.com.

VeggieTales are just pure hilarity. “You look like Cap’n Crunch!”