I was told this man on this money is the King of Canada, but I don't know....

Canadian folkways are so odd, bacon’s not really bacon and so forth, so it’s hard to tell…

He’s just a pretender.

That’s not real money - you can only use that to buy home repair or gardening supplies.

S’trewth. The real King of Canada is Don Cherry.

I understand you can gain Canadian mineral rights in exchange for the debilitating polio virus.

Nay, he is the King of Burger.

Everybody knows the king of Canada is a Moooooose.

Looks like the last king of Scotland to me.

Interesting thing about that “Canadian Tire” place. I was in Toronto week before last, and there’s a giant Canadian Tire store downtown, where you can literally buy anything you might ever need in the world except tires. I hear other CT stores do in fact sell tires, but that particular one does not.

Yes, it’s King Poutine III. The $2 bill has Queen Anne of Green Gables on it and the 50c has images of Princes Terrance and Phillip. The royal family lives in a big castle at the end of the Only Road in Canada.

Which end, the BC end or the Nova Scotia end?

Mais non, mais non, mon ami! King Poutine III, il est le Roi du Quebec!

Vive le Quebec Royale! :smiley:

God help us, makes me want to give up my citizenship.
Seriously for those that do not know, that money in the picture is Canadian Tire money, basically, discount coupons you receive for paying cash at the stores of the same name and can subsequently use against more purchases.

I have no idea who is represented on the bills or if it is even a once living person or not.

I think if you have at least $700 of that, you can buy a trailer.

I have a feeling that when my grandparents die we are going to find a whole lot of Canadian Tire money laying around. I was in their garage this spring and found a shoebox full of it. I took it into my grandfather and asked why he had a box of Canadian Tire money in the garage and he “wondered where he put it.” Then he went up to his bedroom and pulled out another shoebox full of it. We tried to get him to count it, but he refused.

Don’t forget about the cars with square wheels, as is tradition :smiley:


Large farm family I went to school with bought a riding lawn mower with Canadian Tire once. They even put a picture in the newspaper! :smiley:

I’m sad that I know this, but his name is Sandy McTire. He’s certainly not a real person, but he might be based on somebody. He always looked more Scottish than Canadian to me - they should have drawn him wearing a toque.

That seems to be a popular item with CT money!

Pretty sure that’s Sheogorath. Do not fuck around with him.


King? Looks more like a Laird.