I was wrong

In this thread, I expressed my pessimism with Harry Reid’s decision to reject the bipartisan jobs bill with a smaller jobs bill that didn’t have Republican support. It was my concern that the smaller bill would be filibustered by the Republicans, and that Reid had traded a bill that would definitely pass, and give the Democratic leadership and President Obama a legislative accomplishment, with yet another legislative failure.

Well, I’d certainly be crowing if I was right, so since fair is fair, I have to admit that I was wrong. As you can see here, the Senate was able to break the proposed Republican filibuster, with the help of five Republicans, including the new Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown.

So, I was wrong, and I’m perfectly willing to take my licks, so anyone who wants to, have at me. I’m a pinata, and you all have sticks.

You know, it takes a big man to admit a mistake. Takes an even bigger man to admit a mistake to a crowd of smart-asses who will never, ever let him live it down.

Guess that’s why they call him Captain Amazing.

I am promoting you to Major Amazing.

Awww, this pit thread warms the cockles of my heart.

This thread started off very politely, and YOU had to go and start swearing!

So, I used to work at the mall with this one (extremely) gay guy. Some girl who was offended by this got in his face and eventually screamed that he as a “major faggot”. He explained to her that he was in fact “Commander Faggot” and she’d better make sure to use his proper title.

I think Amazing can skip Major and go straight to Commander Amazing.


So you’re saying Captain Amazing is gay?

Yeah, they broke the threatened filibuster with a drop-in-the-bucket job bill. Maybe if they can string together 7 or 8 more of these I’ll show some enthusiasm.

But until then…WHOOOOO, Democrat majority!

I am, actually!


All jobs created should go to men. You know, cause it’ll cut down on domestic abuse.

Way to go, Harry.

Research supports his claim.

See page 25 (!!!PDF!!!)

The thread title might make a catchy tune. Get someone like Social Distortion to do it.

Don’t you think that would be a bit self-destructive again?

[Wood Allen] Well that’s just great - nothing like hot cockles! [/Woody Allen]

That’ll do, Fonzie.

Wow, my gaydar is so good it prompts me to tell a story in the back of my brain from 20 years ago. I am so awesome. Commander Awesome? Maybe, just maybe.


[Dennis Leary] or maybe the sub cockles[/Dennis Leary]

Man…I hope this isn’t a new trend. If I have to start a pit thread on myself every time I’m wrong then the hamsters are going to have a heart attack! Sheesh…