I Went Outside Today!

My own driveway, about 2 feet. Doesn’t sound like much, but I able to do so by myself!

First time in about 6 - 8 months. I am in a wheelchair and I have a new front porch and wheelchair lift. I am tearing up.

'course, it’s a snowy and muddy Spring, so I’ll need a week or 2 before I can zip to the pub 4 blocks down the street for a Guiness but WOW!

God be praised and all that.

Did I say wow?


Just in time for the Dopefest!

I’m so happy for you!

You probably don’t remember, but we met at elmwood’s house at a Dopefest several years ago. You were impressive in your own right, but the number of beers that your Utilikilt could hold was amazing.

I think it was 12 bottles!

Good times.

Well congratulations and I hope you get down to your local pub before too long!

I’m so happy for you. I’m tearing up too.


I’ve seen people cooped up for long periods of time a few times…my dad after he separated his pelvis, my dad after he broke his hip… In every case, that first time outside on your own is magical.


You got some random dog shit on your rotary devices right?

Congrats never the less! (the getting out part , not the dog shit part obviously)

YAY!! Soon you’ll be like Ambivalid, complaining about lack of access at gyms.


Congrats! is the outside elevator part of the same benefits package as the house re-modelling? sounds sweet.

The stair-glide, elevator, nurse and meals are all from Medicaid. The bathroom re-model was the MS Society.

Congratulations! There’s nothing better than freedom … and Guinness.

Congratulations, BMalion! That’s great news!

Wait a minute. We’re all coming to your house in time to see you leave it? :wink:

Wonderful news! Wish the weather had been better for your own personal Groundhog Day, but everyone should get snowed on once a year!

Well, if I was having a Dopefest at my house I’d make sure I’d be able to leave it too. Preferably in a motorized conveyance.

Nope. But if we wanted a fire outside, no problem!

I thought this was going to be the most boring thread ever when I saw the title, but it’s the opposite. Congrats!


Made me smile!