I will make or redo your avatar

I’ll sharpen, remove backgrounds, zoom out, put 2 emojis together, anything a 5 year old can do. It might be garbage but by god I’ll do it. Try me.

I want my bottle cap to have a warhol’d background.

@Beckdawrek - Try it out. Right click and save or click on the three dots and download.

I’d like it if my beer were consumable in some fashion, just so this doesn’t run afoul of local liquor laws.

@Dr.Crap, I like it. Tell me how to use it. Please.

I have it downloaded onto my laptop. Gotta figure out how to use it as an avatar. I’ll get it, somehow.
Thanks for doing that.

I used to have an avatar of Mayor Quimby from The Simpsons, but the “Mayor” on his sash was changed to “Munch”. I’ve lost that file.

Note: I still reserve the right to keep my avatar as Tilly.

@Beckdawrek, Click on your avatar in the upper right of the screen. Then click on your name in the upper left part of the menu that pops up. Click on Preferences.

You should see a Profile Picture section. Click on the pencil icon to the right of your existing avatar. Another menu will pop up that says “Change your profile picture”. Click on the upload box to the lower right and select your new avatar. After that, hit the Save Changes box.

@kayaker, when you’re outside posting in public.

I’d love one that conveyed the idea in my username in a creative way.

(The boring way, a “big” T only looks like a little T because avatars are small.)

BigT: There's millions of dollars buried under a big T! - Imgur

@Munch Here are 2 versions. The cropped version shows up better as an avatar.

I’ve had the same avatar since they were first allowed on the old board. I like it enough, I guess, but its not like I’m wedded to it.

Lancia, for most of you who are probably unaware, is a Italian manufacturer of automobiles. Now owned by Fiat, in the 70’s and 80’s they were big into rally racing and attempting new, quirky elements to their car design. Usually with disastrous – or at least unintentional – results. And of course being Italian their reliability was sub-par at best.

My dream is to own and restore one someday. My avatar is their emblem.

I’m more than happy to hear suggestions for something New and Improved.

@BigT @TroutMan Same idea, but with a better source image. Let me know what you think.

For people who don’t like avatars at all, here’s a usable blank one.

@Lancia What model of Lancia do you like best?

The Stratos of course, followed by the early 70’s Fulvia and then the first generation Delta Integrale.

@Lancia, cars a little tricky because of their width. Either the image is a little cropped or it’s a little small. I uploaded some stuff here. The three copies have different canvas sizes so, if you like the concept, try each one and see how it appears on the site. If you want something totally different, that’s cool too.

Here’s one for the Stratos. Will require some editing.

@Lancia That’s a good one, @running_coach . Here it is cleaned up. Not sure it’s very legible next to a username.

[quote=“Dr.Crap, post:19, topic:914921, full:true”]
@Lancia That’s a good one, @running_coach . Here it is cleaned up. Not sure it’s very legible next to a username.
[/quote] -

Took a quick look in GIMP. Looks good at “profile card” size, almost impossible to make out at thread size.