Which board avatars do you like?

Maybe you don’t like any, maybe you don’t even notice them. For those that do, which are your favorites?

  1. @Turki-lurki is tops for me because I find it incredibly funny.
  2. @madmonk28 gets second because of the unexpected text added to the cat picture.
  3. @Slithy_Tove would have scored higher but, if I remember correctly, toves are white and have horns, so I suspect that is not a real tove depicted in the avatar.

Put me in the “rarely pay attention to them” camp.

I notice the avatar only if it’s a red blob that briefly distracts me into thinking this is one of my own posts which I forgot I wrote.

I like @NorthernPiper’s “hummingbird” bagpipes.

Wow, I forgot about my avatar. It’s from Inspirobot a site that randomly generates inspirational posters. I had this idea I’d change it every week or so and then promptly forgot.

I like @Morgyn’s. That cat seems so serious and wise.

If I see a red blob I automatically think it’s you and wonder if you have multiple personalities because your opinions are all over the place.

You forgot mosquito. His definitely draws a lot of different interpretations.

Sure, blame it on a random generator. :slightly_smiling_face: It just seemed out of place for you that it made it even better.

That cat, like all cats, looks like it’s ready to rip open some poor unsuspecting person’s throat.

Eddy says thank you to @Dung_Beetle. He’s actually a pretty laid back cat, and he likes to snuggle.

Lewis Carroll himself gave conflicting descriptions of toves, raths, and perhaps other critters. Before writing Looking Glass, he wrote a periodical called Mischmasch, in which he may have given the description you mention. But in Looking Glass, Humpty Dumpty gives some different descriptions. Slithy_Tove’s avatar follows Humpty Dumpty’s definition and agrees with Tenniel’s illustration:

To be sure, the Wikipedia page for Jabberwocky seems garbled: At one point, it says:

Later, the same page says:

(ETA: Emphasis added by me.)

The only one I ever seem to notice is @BigT . I’m always like “why does that guy have an ugly palm tree avatar?” Then I realize it’s a big “T”. Then I remember It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and the big “W” and I laugh cuz that’s a funny movie (and I assume the avatar is a play on that.)

@BippityBoppityBoo 's judgy young lady is awesome

It’s more specifically from a Simpson’s episode, which was a sendup of Mad(4) World.

Hmmm, it seems toves and raths may possibly be the same beast with different names. Or different beasts that look similar. I think Slithy_Tove is going to have to prove his avatar is a tove and not a rath. Damn Lewis Carroll and Humpty Dumpty for confusing things!

Never saw the movie so I always did think it was a “t” shaped tree. It’s well done, though.

There are quite a few posters whose avatars I like or find amusing, but in the interest of time I will only list six, in no particular order:

  • Left_Hand_of_Dorkness - creative and colorful. IMO better than his previous “Cool Hand Luke” avatar which made it easy to confuse him with Lucas_Jackson

  • beowulff - for some reason his avatar makes me chuckle

  • Exapno_Mapcase - cool and retrofuturistic. At first I thought it was a skeleton with a jetpack until I expanded it and looked closer

  • Thudlow_Boink - Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite work of literature, and this particular panel just fits his name so well

  • Ann_Hedonia - quirky and minimalistic

  • EinsteinsHund - a dog that looks like Einstein. Need I say more?

I might enjoy it if others liked my avatar but that is merely human weakness; the mortal fear of being alone. It is not possible to like or dislike that which is everything and nothing.

I’m a fan of happy cartoon character avatars – they brighten up the board!

Just a few examples (click on the names):


The hippo is disappointed with the choices so far…

You should have mentioned their names with @ as others in this thread are doing. That way, we can click on the names to see the avatars. Here, I’ll fix that for you (so I can see them myself):

Yeah, I could have, but I didn’t want them to be bothered by the board’s automated notifications over a post as inconsequential as mine. I guess that point’s moot now, since you’ve mentioned them anyway.

Has The Hippo gotten over his conflicted feelings about fighting a young blind girl?