Why did you choose that avatar?

Me, I love the “cat who had no fcks left”.you?

It’s a picture of me and my newly made 6-foot tall, winged box kite, that I made at the annual Fort Worden Kitemaker’s Conference. I chose this avatar because I love kites!

It’sa me!

The Double Black Diamond image was illegible at this size.

No idea.

I used to train dolphins and orcas for a living. Dolphinboy was my nickname in high school.

Mine was made in Paint and Paint.net. in is the Garden State Parkway sign reworked with my username.

Then I set the Ukraine :ukraine: Flag behind it as a small show of support.

Self-portrait. :wink:

I’m a sucker for Hello Kitty umbrellas.

Internet image search for Procrustes

How I picked that username is a whole nother thread. (which we did once, 5 to 10 years ago)

I looked everywhere for a graphic of a comma, but all I could find was this damn apostrophe. After looking for an hour, I just said, fuck it, and went with it.

It’s a mystery.

My username was an original creation for when I first subscribed to the Dope, but I’ve used that handle on some other sites later that had avatars before our board. So I picked up a pic of a real white doggie that looked like Einstein (you know those dogs exist) for these sites. When the Dope introduced avatars (which was still in the vBulletin days), I had lost that picture file on my hard drives and did a google picture search for “Einstein’s dog”, and my current avatar was the first hit. It was the perfect fit, and I’ve made sure that this time, the jpg-file is stored in at least three different locations on my physical and cloud drives.

It’s a selfie.

Yeah, I also could have made my post shorter and post this. :wink:

(though in real life, the times of a scalp full of hair are long gone. Though the rest is not white. Yet.)

It’s just me (on the right) hanging with my trusty sidekick. Everyone should have a trusty sidekick.

Big Legion of Super-Heroes fan. Ultra Boy being a favorite.

I couldn’t find my birdie* again after switching temporarily to a Ukraine motif, so I chose a fractal for no good reason.

*specifically, a blue-winged mountain tanager

I wanted something very simple yet kind of techie, and the 2017 total solar eclipse had just happened.

I want people to imagine Dot Warner saying what I write.