I wish the forum display wasn't stuck on four pages

It used to be so much easier to catch up on CS or IMHO. You’d set the display to “last 45 days,” 15 or 20 pages would come up, and you’d scroll through, cherry-picking the threads you wanted to read and skipping the rest. What a happy time that was. Don’t suppose it’ll ever happen again…

I do agree. On slow Sunday afternoons when I didn’t feel like housework and the dog was walked, and my husband was napping, I would pick page 999 or 666 (by changing the page number of results in the address bar) and go from there, and read old threads from before my time. I really liked cruising through the archives. I suppose you could manually enter a low thread number into the address bar, and use Previous Thread | Next Thread to view, but I liked having the page of search results to look over. Like standing over a box of fine chocolates…



Hey… Hey… guys… hey!

Thank you! Thank you! Smooches to the mods and powers that be.