I wish they would remove the quote button.

This may be a Pit or ATMB topic, but, oh well.

Obviously people are not getting the clue from the multiple threads in the pit and here about learning how to quote properly. Everywhere I still see someone quote something which is requoted and requoted again! There are many posts that have a full page filled by the initial quote! What the hell? You give someone a feature and they abuse it! Well, I was fine quoting the old way, and frankly, I think the quote button should be removed until some of you people (you know who you are) learn how to quote responsibly.

Fuck, now I sound like a PSA…

It’s those damn newbies. We can also blame them for introducing syphillis to the board.

Actually techchick already covered this one, lets see if I can dig it up.
ah! Here we go

Honey, honestly, what did you expect to accomplish with this thread, that, BTW, most cetainly belongs in ATMB or the Pit? Hugs!

I agree. Especially when used as I’ve just done. It’s fucking obvious who I’m replying to. Do you see how silly this is?

Now I’m gonna send this thing to the Pit since I’ve befouled it with my unrestrained and gratutious cursing, god dammit.

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Sigh… somebody had to do it… dont kill me.

[Lou Costello] I’m a baaaaad booooy! (whistles)[/Lou Costello]

Hey, how often can you quote a quote a quote a quote a quote until it disappears altogether?

:wally 's!

I don’t see what your problem with this is . . . :confused:

I think I see what you all mean…

You people are fuckin’ pathetic.

Thank God it’s Friday…

[Daffy voice}You’re dissssssphpicable.[/Daffy voice}

Maybe you can explain it to me, then?:confused::confused:

Now, no one will even see this post in comparison

You fucking people! If I could make a point without quoting anyone…

I agree, Demo. Quote abuse is very annoying. As anyone can see from the above examples!

I have little to no respect for a poster who quotes ad absurdum and then only adds a one or two word slam at the bottom. You really don’t need to pad your posts like a Roger Corman film, people!

You still only get the one credit per post so keep them short, to the point and don’t abuse the quote button! Oh, and this is JIMHO and if you don’t like it why don’t you just quote the shit out of me…

It’s always about you, isn’t it. :wink:

You mean it’s not? :wink:

[Comic Store Guy]“Worst thread ever!”[Comic Store Guy]

[hijack]Why is it that, when someone writes about a problem they have with the way people do things here, everyone responds by doing the exact same “problem” discussed in the topic?[/hijack]

Anyway, I agree with Demo on this one.

Thank you Byz!!!

We were being evil/funny. I think my last post was a bit much, though. Sorry to anyone who thought there was a purpose to it beyond driving the point home even more (if such was possible).

I also don’t like people who quote excessively. I’m one of those people, I think. Oh well. I try not to quote too much.