I wish to declare war on a foreign country.

Forget lobbying the Government to waste billions of dollars on new aircraft carriers, or signing up as a merc to go against the nasty foreigners.

Why bother when I can send Rhythmdvl and a few other members of the Straight Dope Message Board to “empower” them? They’ll be extinct in a generation, and I can move right in and establish me some vacation property.

As long as they don’t identify themselves as Americans the U.N. shouldn’t be able to figure out what nation was responsible.

BTW Rhythmdvl do really believe you could win a debate with a head of lettuce, much less empower someone else to do anything else besides become religious just to think God they’re not you?


It helps if you provide links to posts by the people you seem to think you’re so much smarter than.

Brilliant! I’ll just wait for the heat death of the universe, then everyone will be dead, and it will be mine! All mine!

Mods, can we just ban this troll already?

He’s sending dopers to destroy aircraft carriers with lettuce?

Does anyone remember the woman, who, in a thread about college education, kept insisting others were inferior to her because they didn’t have a degree from a school as good as hers? She also was against a woman asking her man to marry. I can’t remember her name, she was banned so quickly.

Then there was ivan astikov. Ostensibly banned for not obeying some rules but really, he was banned for being a tremendous cunt.

If they were banned, I cannot think of a better candidate than Jacqui.
Also, would it be possible to arrange for someone in India to do the banning?

Honestly all I ever see from him is…



LeJ: “Fuck You! I’m am a GOD to you MORONS!”

The reason all his threads are in the pit is because personal insults are his only debate tool.

Maybe Rico could do it.

I’d pay to see that movie.

I’m sure the above has some deep meaning to you, but speaking as some guy wandering by the thread, it makes next to no sense at all.

Dopers are just that badass. :cool:

And the number of thy counting shall be 3, Hi Opal!


Or we can all just put him on ignore. I did, but I still have to put up with people quoting and responding to his drivel as if it had meaning or value.

You have two superfluous words in your post: they are “next to”.

Oooh, put me on ignore and declare victory. Isn’t that what you accuse me of doing?

I don’t give a rat’s ass if you put me on ignore. What I say is based on facts that you cannot ignore. It’s almost worth it to make you put your blinders fully on so you won’t have any idea what hit you when this country’s economy takes a nosedive.

Hell, when it happens, you’re too stupid to realize that I told you so.


Big enough iceberg lettuce might do it.

What facts? I’ve yet to see anything but blather from you.

Huh. Seriously.

Sounds like LJ has finally figured out outsourcing.