I Won the Giant Kielbasa

Saturday (8/11/01) morning I was a contestant on the What Do You Know Quiz on What Do You Know? with Michael Feldman on NPR. I was the phone-in contestant on the second round. Long-story short: Rhonda and I won the Giant Kielbasa.

Funny thing is, after the quiz Michael told me to stay on the line so I could give my address & such to the operator, but then I heard a series of clicks and then a dial tone; I had been disconnected :eek: !

Monday morning I’m going to make a few phone calls to Madison to see if I can’t get this straightened out, as I’m really looking forward to that Kraft® Feng-Shui salad dressing arrangement…

Ahh! I loved that show, but our local PBS station dropped it. [They are not getting my money anymore: I support the other PBS radio station in the area. - Better programming.]

Mmmm. Kielbasa. Good stuff, especially the ones made with lots of garlic.

How does one feng-Shui a salad dressing? Pour it only in certain areas of the bowl? Avoid the croutons but make sure the tomatoes are covered? Make sure the salad plate color does not clash with the Thousand Island Dressing? Geez, I thought the Victorians were strange with 16 different types of forks.

I know this will sound kinda spupid, but Hear I go anyway. What is a Keilbasa? I honestly don’t know. I assume it is some kind of vegetable due to the salad referrance, but I am preobably wrong, I usually am when it comes to guessing games.

AAHH!! I mean here I go. I previewed it and everything. I sure feel sheepish. Sorry about that.

Think large sausage or brat…Whaddya Know comes from Madison, Wisconsin…bigtime sausage/brat/kielbasa country

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Rastahomie, congrats. I only ever listen to NPR when I’m in the car, but I think Michael Feldman (and Ray and Tom Magliozzi) is a damn funny guy.

By the way, the Giant Kielbasa referred to in the show isn’t really a giant sausage; it’s just a term they use for “the big prize.” Usually the big prize is one of Michael’s books, some products from one or two of their sponsors, etc. Never a giant sausage.

OOOHHHHH! Okay, I was wondering why someone would go through so much trouble trying to get a giant sausage. I all makes sense now.:smiley:

Congrats, Rasta!

You can listen to rastahomie’s triumphant performance here, once they get the latest show up.

Actually, the prizes that are given away aren’t worth much more than an actual giant sausage would be. They are usually a semi-random assortment of (usually) Wisconsin-related items, which I assume are donated by the manufacturers for promotional purposes. I think people are inspired more by the fun of playing than the prizes themselves.

I heard it! You’re the one who wanted to stop at three before going on for the Giant Kielbasa, right?

Dr. J

I didn’t know I was to be the prize in a game! How flattering. When should I arrive for dinner?

WTG rastahomie!

and here I thought you won a date with Ron Jeremy

Way to go, Rasta.

I’m shooting to get on Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me.

I must have Carl Kassel’s voice on my answering machine.

Congrats! I heard the broadcast. Awesome prize list too. It sounded like the CD of the celebrities doing America’s favorite hits will be a gas!

So have you contacted them yet?

Congrats!That is quite an accomplishment. What was your qualifying question?

They wanted to know: What percentage of American parents automatically think “Volcano!” when told to do a school project?"

The guy before me said: 67%, and Michael responded that that was WAY high. That totally threw me, because I was thinking it was closer to 90%. I mean, let’s get real: how many of us don’t remember the episode of The Brady Bunch where Peter’s volcano erupted when Marcia was having her little debutante party?

But, alas, 67% was too high. So I took a shot in the dark and said 40%. Close enough, as the correct answer was 33%.

Doctor J, yes I am the guy who wanted to stop at three, but the audience booed and Michael was appalled, so I decided to go for it. And screech-owl, contacting them is the next thing on my agenda for this afternoon, right after I get off the SDMB. Thanks for reminding me.