I wonder if anyone knows more about "Yamantau" than the internet?

“Yamantau” translates into “evil mountain” located in Russia …

you can look it up, but it won’t get you any closer to knowing what it is all about

in my humble opinion Russia is thinking way ahead of the USA

What the hell are you yammering about this time?

Could you possibly tell us what it’s about and why it matters? If you’re saying it’s a mountain that Russia could use as a leadership base in the event of a big war or something, the U.S. has those, too.

Well, yes. As documented in the Chernabog segment of Fantasia.

Well here’s the wiki page.

I’ve heard that it was a Balrog that was discovered and basically rendered the whole facility unusable, though of course the Orcs and Goblins are still able to live there. My suggestion is that if you need to go through the facility is to say ‘friend’ in Russian at the door, and don’t disturb the creature in the pond outside…and, whatever you do, don’t drop rocks down the well and arouse the watcher below! Other than that, keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times and enjoy the ride…

Hell is the right word Czarcasm … what do they call you for a shorter name anyway?

Err, what? You know “evil mountain” is just a name, right? It doesn’t mean it’s actually evil any more than Chomolungma means that mountain has children.

I’m telling you man, there is a Balrog in there. Seriously. The OP wanted something more than you can get from the internet, and there it is…Balrog. Big bastard. Wings. Fiery whip. Cloven hooves. Eats dwarves and Russians on crackers with caviar.

XT is totally winning this thread. The rest of y’all better step up your game if you hope to compete.

Wings??? Blasphemy.

Two syllables too much for you to handle?

Nope. Balrogs don’t have wings.

If Russia is great at playing the long game… then why did the Soviet Union fall? To make us think “the threat” has disappeared?

I wouldn’t go as far as “blasphemy”…[


See above.


I’m sort of wondering if there is any random/weird thing the OP doesn’t believe.

Should Balrog wings be served with traditional Buffalo sauce, or a habanero sauce, or Cajun, or…?

Well, he seems to be wavering in his belief in capital letters.

Bet he doesn’t believe in Balrogs (with or without wings) eating dwarves and Russians on crackers with caviar. :wink:

Er, on second thought, when I said ‘bet’, I didn’t mean in any monetary type sense, as you never know…

Sadly, no one knows the answer to this question.

Do Balrogs taste like chicken?