I wonder who REALLY popped Britney Spears' cherry, and where he is today?

It just ocurred to me randomly as I saw a promo spot on VH1 for another dumb show all about her. I don’t believe for one minute she was a virgin before she and Timberlake hooked up.
But that leaves the question: who, where, when? Obviously not information that will change anyone’s life; I just wonder if that guy ever talks about it. It’s probably somebody she went to high school with, or maybe one of her early backup dancers, who knows? But does he ever tell his friends? Does anyone believe him? Is he still sitting back in Louisiana or Mississippi or wherever she’s from, working in Wal-mart?

I just realized there’s a great general question for IMHO hidden in this.


You need a hobby or something.

Well, I guess it is time I came clean on the subject…it was me. And for a first timer, she wasn’t all that bad.

Dude! Really? She said I was her first! Damn!

Me thinks it was Madonna!

No, I had a pretty good look, it was definetely Britney :stuck_out_tongue:

His name was probably Mr. Ed. Or at least that’s what my morning batch of inbox spam claims.

Mod, can you delete the duplicate thread? Thanks.

And Chance, who said THIS isn’t my hobby??

Dildo Daggins, probably.

The bill for the dry-cleaning of my brain will be sent to you, Lizard.

Well, she sure wasn’t keeping Justin around for the conversation.

She said it was me. i feel we’ve been lied to guys…

and she was crap…

A friend of mine told me that he heard from his sister who overhead two railroad workers talking about an article they read in some skin mag about an interview with Donald Rumesfeld that he had seen pictures of a guy who works a hot dog stand in downtown Beijing who’s neighbor claims to have a pet ferret that used to belong to the ex-girlfriend of the guy who cleans the pool of the person you’re talking about. I think his name was Cecil. Or Otaku. Or was it Rabbi Mohammed Al-Quazir? Something got lost in the translation. Anyway, the big thing was that he popped her cherry after her sex change operation.

Five bucks says it had something to do with this kid.

Hey, you never know. . .

Hey, if I go into porn, can I use this as my screen name?