I wouldn't like you to SAAaay anything, I would like you to...

… fuck off and die!

Talking banners - “Whut Woould you liike me tO SAAaay? Typ anthing yu Wunt”

Banners that play sounds just need to die, I’m sorry; I appreciate that it’s all very clever and everything, but they must be stopped. By fair means or foul.

Trouble is that I don’t actually mind most banners and it seems a bit unfair to block them all, just to stop a relatively small number of painfully annoying and inconvenient ones (yes, if I’m transferring some audio from MD to my computer as a background task, it will actually interfere with it if I happen to come across one of these awful banners) - Does anyone know of a good way to block just the ones that play sounds?

I know killing your flash plugin will take care of a lot of them. They might have caught on to that and begun using different technologies though.

I don’t want to lose all flash functionality in my browser though - there are a lot of sites I visit (Weebl & Bob, for example) that legitimately use it.

yeah, and that’s the part that really sucks.

I’m not sure of a way to do it other than all or nothing. I’ll be watching this thread too to see if someone has an answer.

I am SO glad I haven’t the vaguest idea what you’re talking about, and I hope it stays that way.

You’ll need an ad-blocker. What browser are you using?

I’m using IE6 (and I’m quite happy with it, otherwise)

If you want to use an IE based browser, you’ll probably like Maxthon(MyIE2). MyIE2 is a nice shell replacement for Internet Explorer. You’re still using the same thing, but a lot nicer.

It has an ad-blocking plugin that allows you to right click on and add banners to the block list. Go to the Maxthon options, then ad-hunter, and select ‘Add Ad-Hunter to browser right click menu’.

I find that my “Back” button works pretty well for blocking annoying content on most websites.

I don’t know why, but there’s something about software named ‘My[something]’ that sets all kinds of malware alarms ringing in my head; I take it that this browser is not guilty of any such travesty?

My work PC came with MyIE; I found after using it for a few days that it had a substantial memory leak; it ate about 2 MB of memory for every web page I opened & closed. I don’t use it any more.

A problem i have with Flash is that, because it’s the “in” this with so many web designers right now, it gets used on plenty of sites that would be much better with a well-marked-up regular html page using css.

Too many people nowdays seems to think that Flash is the only way to present content, and forget that it is often actually less functional than a non-Flash website. When used well, Flash is an excellent tool, but when used just for the sake of being flashy (pun intended), Flash is a pain in the ass. It often loads slowly, poses problems for disabled users, is less likely to be indexed by search engines, and makes things more complicated than they need to be.

And, on the whole stupid banner thing, i’m right with the OP.

MyIE2 is a fine browser shell, and is constantly being updated. If you’re hesitant, look at the awards page or the forum to help you decide.

I think I know what you’re talking about, and I don’t know how to block them. Can you allow flash on only certain pages, but not others, like how Google Toolbar will block popups on all pages, except those you specifically tell it not to?

Now, about this audio task of yours. First of all, what’s MD? Secondly, if you have windows, double-click on the little speaker in the lower right (or possibly lower left), then click on Options, Properties, Recording, check all the boxes, and click OK. Click the “Select” box on whatever corresponds to MD (hopefully not “Line” or “Stereo out”), then it should stop picking up random computer noises, like ads, IMs, alerts, and such. I think.