I wouldn't sell my soul for this woman, but....

Okay, I know I’m shallow. But in my defense, I do generally maintain that most people can get along and become quite close. So I often think of compatibility as being an issue of opportunity rather than fundamental characteristics. With that in mind, this woman is amazing. And it’s not just her wonderful hair, mezmerizing eyes, or spectacular nose, but also those hips and that butt. Clearly Matthew Williamson wanted nothing more than to torture me. That son of a bitch.

her tits are kinna small man.

I’d rather she have a Ph.D. than big tits. But they are a nice add-on, I suppose.

but a PH-D wont do ya jack shit unless it was a PH-D in blow jobs…

Respectfully, I must disagree.

And that’s why you jack off, and I get blow jobs. :slight_smile:

js_africanus, I can see the appeal, friend.

I must agree with our banned friend…she is somewhat lacking in the breast department. Plus her rear is a bit thin. Hell, she is thin overall.

So if I’m not pursuing her, it means you have a chance dude.

Can’t really tell with all that hair in her face.

I wouldn’t sell my soul for her, either, but I’d certainly rent it out for a bit…

She’s entirely too thin, she lacks curves, she has got no hips, she has got no breasts to speak of. Her haircut makes her look like a boy, yea she’s all too boyish for my taste. Not that I wouldn’t go for a quick roll in the hay, but surely there must be some better soul-selling material out there.

Like this…

I dunno, she does nothing in particular for me. She’s not unattractive, but she’s not particularly my type.

As for Naomi Watts, in the pic from WinstonSmith, again, at least in that pic, she’s less than spectacular. But since there was a photo spread of Naomi in a magazine I got at home yesterday, she can look pretty damned fine. Just would have picked a better picture as an example.

In general I seem to prefer my women darker and a little more voluptuous. Not to mention human/real, which is not really something that comes across in photos. YMMV.

Here, try this link for Naomi Watts.

Well I was thinking more along these lines:

Laura Elena Harring

Freak’n work :mad:

I’ll show you a picture of a woman. :smiley: Just as soon as I get home in 9 hours…

No, no, no. That Watts chick is definitely too skinny. You need a woman with some curves, man.

The most attractive woman in the world is of course my girlfriend. :slight_smile:
But as she’s not a famous actor or anything, you guys will have to do with someone who looks a bit like my girlfriend: Halle Berry.

Still, Halle doesn’t even come close.

I didn’t think that first chick was too thin at all! She was nicely proportioned. Being a woman, I may have different opinions than youze guys on what’s attractive, but I thought she was adorable (except her hair looked like she combed it with a rake).

Hey, you get your chicks the way you like them, we’ll take ours the way we like them. It’s really much more practical this way, anyway. Otherwise we’d all be dating/married to/lusting after the same person.

What makes y’all think Winstonsmith was talking about Naomi Watts?

The brunette in that movie was drop-dead gorgeous

Crap, I didn’t see his follow-up post…