Iampunha: What the Fuck's Wrong with you?

In this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=57421

Iampunha linked directly to David Duke’s hate filled, racist scumbag, worthless piece of shit site. The question remains, what the fuck was he thinking when he did that? So, punha this is your chance to explain yourself, why the hell would you do something like that? What was your purpose and motivation? Were you attempting to be funny? Did you not see the huge banner at the top of the page? Did you think that it was an actual scholarly source?

Go on, explain yourself, boy!

I agree that it is a hateful, despicable link.

But I’m curious - if the link is so offensive, why wasn’t it removed? Not to second-guess manny, but he left the link in, and the re-link that someone made when they quoted iampunha…maybe it’s related to the Board problems, where so many people no longer have “Member” under their names…?

That’ll teach him to wander out of MPSIMS and IMHO.

Holy crap, he’s got almost 4000 posts! He is nearing handy-esque proportions!
Actually, doing some quick math, handy averages 12 posts a day, iampunha averages 16.3, or one post every 1.47 hours, so he should be here soon Doobieous!

I actually tried to read some of that fucking pointy head trash. Now I’m sorry it was ever on my monitor. The “scholarly” article cited was full of spelling mistakes and incoherent, half baked conclusions. A joke.

Whoever iampunha is, I have no respect for him. Posting that shit even in “fun” is in despicable bad taste.

I’ll wait ‘til iampunha posts to make a call and FWIW I’d urge others to too. Damn those filth pigs’ servers are fast though.

If you read the entire thread that iampunha posted to, you will notice that Cartooniverse said:

I think Punha was just trying to bring in some of the “HIGHLY biased” (sic) resources. The point of a well-written thesis is not to just argue one’s point, but to acknowledge opposing viewpoints and critique them. The only way for Askia to do that would be using objectionable sources. If you skim to the end of Duke’s website, he does list sources which would be viable to Askia.

But don’t listen to me. I’m just a hate-mongering, racist white girl who takes buck shots at black kids when they walk by my house. :rolleyes:

It astounds me how easily some of you assume the worst of a person. Just because he posts a lot, or because out of 4000 posts, he referenced a link you didn’t like, you assume he is beneath contempt.

On the contrary. I wondered if the link was indeed so bad, why it was not removed immediately. And punha’s post seems to be almost out-of-context given the discussion over there, so I have a very hard time “assuming the worst” of him. Plus, I know him a bit, and he’s pretty decent. Thus, I don’t think anyone can portray me as jumping on the hate bandwagon…

No, we know this from having to deal with him in chat. Your concern is appreciated.

Anthracite - I didn’t mean to lump you in with what I said. I apologize.

Mr. Cynical - I don’t chat, so I have no idea what he says in chat that you object to, not that it pertains to this Board anyway. But this is the first time I’ve read a post of his that was questionable, and having met him in person, I doubt he would link that to be funny or because he’s racist.

To the contrary, the discussion was disintegrating into a debate over biology vs. education and what Askia should put in his/her thesis. I thought Punha was just trying to get the discussion back on course.

But I could be wrong. I’ll wait and see what he has to say about it.

Nor did I state that it has anything to do with this board. I also did not state specifically that he says any particular thing in chat to which I object. You’ve jumped to conclusions twice in one sentence, which would ordinarily be impressive. However, coming from you, I feel let down. You don’t typically do that. :frowning:

I was providing a character reference. A general impression of one’s character based upon observed activity in the past or present.

One of the things that makes me sentient is that I can form my own opinions based upon what I observe. Mine are currently that I don’t like punha, and secondly that you are playing a bit of Devil’s Advocate. :smiley:

I looked at that page from Duke’s website, which was a reprint from Mankind Quarterly. It wasn’t obvious to me that the intent of the paper was to “spread ignorance in furtherance of their evil goals”.

…but then again, I guess that I’m just not as smart of most of the rest of you. (no sarcasm intended)

I guess that I just don’t see the harm of being exposed to different points of view. As such, I do not agree with this bashing.

I’m assuming that was directed at my comment. I don’t mean to imply anything, the “number of posts” comment was just diarrhea of the keyboard on my part because I remember when he started posting and was amazed at how many posts he’s acquired since then. Apparently he and I don’t respond to a lot of the same threads, as I don’t remember seeing his name so many times.

You haven’t read very far, then. iampunha is a jackass of gargantuan proportions. He frequently inserts meaningless, irrelevant, off-topic crap that contributes nothing to this message board, let alone the thread he’s posting to. If he left tomorrow and never came back I wouldn’t be the least bit sorry to see him go. As far as I’m concerned, he can jump through flaming hoops and apologize until the cows come home, but he will never redeem himself in my eyes. Ever.


And just because a site might be morally offensive is certainly no reason for the mods to delete the link. It’s not like Pun was trolling with it, or advocating the positions held by Duke. If it wee someone named, say, “Klanman” posting it, there might be an argument. But as it is, I can think of no reasonable reason at all why the link should be deleted.

Check that–let me rephrase. I did not find Pun’s link to be trolling. I understand that others might have.

First off…that site was ICKY.

Let me state, however, that I have nothing against iampunha. We’ve talked a great deal, and though he has flaws (don’t we all?) and we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, I don’t see how he’s worthy of some of the hatred I’ve seen displayed.

I know why some of you don’t like him, and in my opinion, you’re being rather childish. It’s not as if you don’t ever say things you don’t mean.
On the other hand, I can see where he might anger some people.

Again, I don’t think he holds the same opinion as David Duke. In fact, I’m sure he doesn’t. From what I understood from that thread, the OP was asking for different information, different viewpoints, and that’s what iampunha provided. It might not have been a very valid or coherent viewpoint, but I don’t think he was purposefully being a troll.

Then again, I’m his ex-girlfriend, so what do I know?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, then. I apologize for jumping to conclusions based upon what you said.

It just seems to me that whenever one of these threads start, posters jump to uninformed conclusions left and right. It pains me to think that someone might think poorly of Punha based on one link, and not the content of his posts. If you’ve seen behavior that I haven’t via chat, then clearly you would have a different take on Punha. I’m not going to defend him until I can’t breathe; he’s capable of doing that himself. I simply wanted to say something in his defense before this turned into a free-for-all attack.

I would also like to caution everyone who reads this to wait for Punha to defend himself. I don’t think he posted that link to be trollish or cruel. But as I said, I could be wrong. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

Seems to me it was supposed to be a joke. He put a :slight_smile: on the end.

Not very funny tho.

My purpose for this thread was for punha to explain himself. Yes I used strong words, but i’d do that for anyone who did something like he did without a clear explanation.

But, personally i don’t care if people flame him here, they can do what they want. My opinion of him, like MrC’s is also influenced by what i’ve seen of him in chat and the boards, and it’s not a very good one.

I’m somewhat puzzled why punny hasn’t replied here yet. He sure does post a lot.

He should show up soon and nip this in the bud, IMO.