Gee, how did I guess...

…that Mr. Full-Of-Himself Coldfire would close a thread titled Moderator Overkill.

Poetic justice or an inevitability?

Get off your high horse, Dutch Boy. That thread was doing no harm to anyone.

I’d put my money on inevitable… it was posted in the wrong forum for one thing. And it was hardly worth shifting in all its profundity

Well, one, it was in the wrong forum, two, it didn’t make a lick of sense.

Sure, but guess who killed it after other Mods had replied in jest. Mr. Power Trip himself.

Um…here’s a quarter. Go call someone who cares.

Coldfire’s one of the mods there and Veb isn’t. I’m guessing she was having fun and being polite.

And yeah who the fuck cares?

In the future, please use this.

Shiva, the destroyer (of logic, naturally), take a deep breath and let us pray that it is your last. Coldfire took the proper course of action. The other mods who posted to the thread would have done the same had it been present in their forum.

Shiva maybe you’re taking this a little too seriously…

I’m sorry, this is a weak-ass rant. It seemed perfectly proper to me, a disinterested third party, that the thread should be locked. It sounds like you’ve got personal issues with coldfire, shiva. Even your insults lick. “Dutch boy”? Yeah, I nearly pissed myself over that one. “Mr. full of himself”? Don Rickles might as well stab himself in the neck right now. He’ll never top that. Come on, we come to the Pit sniffing for blood. Try not to disappoint us in the future.

Well the thread went on for 5 hours after the last mod posted then Coldy said

Doesn’t really sound like a man on a pwr trip to me. It was in the wrong forum and it was weak.

Poor clogboy, having to wake up in the morning to this powerful critique of his moderating skills. I’m glad I’m not him. :rolleyes:

I knew it! It’s all a plot by the Clog Mafia!

FOAD, Shiva.

I’m sorry, i didn’t notice this until woodstockbirdybird picked it out.

Now that is pretty funny; calling him Dutch Boy and all, i can defiantly see how that would be a deep and stinging insult, doubtless rendering him helpless, mute and dumbfounded at your command of the English Languages and the insults therein. I love if for it’s eloquence, i love it for it’s simplicity, but most of all, i love it because I’M DUTCH. What the hell does that mean? “Dutch Boy” i’m a Dutch Boy, what the fuck are you trying to say? i wouldn’t normally get mad over something like this, but in this case it’s so utterly meaningless.

Maybe someone else can help me out here, maybe it’s a very common insult and i’ve just never picked it up. Maybe i’m a fool. Maybe it’s just cause i’m Dutch. I don’t know, i’d just love it if someone’d fill me in.

(Kooi) Upham of Leeuwarden, province of Friesland, The Netherlands

Happy to, Upham. It’s quite simple–Coldfire is Dutch as well.

Ohhh, i see

calling him “Dutch Boy” would be quite the stinga then wouldnt it…

Shiva I don’t know much about you, but you are awfully brave to come out in support of me. I apparently do not kowtow to the politically correct form of behavior in this forum and my ignomy is certain to rub off on you. Nice line though, “Poetic Justice or Inevitability”, such concise language to describe your frustration with Coldfire.A one line poem. Obviously you had issues with him in the past. In any case your rant was clear, to the point and without profanity which degrades so many posts in this forum.

But don’t blame Coldfire for this lock.Have you ever been to a party where the music is to loud. The cops come around, sometimes give you a warning, sometimes shut you down. But it is always precipitated by a complaint which they have to act upon. Apparently the rule is if it has anything to do with moderators, good or bad, it must be brought to the pit,no matter how mundane or pointless the subject is. I think that although there is a concern that we might want to gush about Cecil, the expectation is that we are always criticizing when we talk about moderators. Well out of the teeming millions there arose such a rising cacophony of protest because I brought up a mundane and pointless observation of the number of moderators in the mundane and pointless message board.Rules are rules so Coldfire had no choice.

I tell you I felt like a kid in an elementary school class, chewing on a throat lozenge and the class mates yelling “Grienie’s chewing gum, grienie’s chewing gum, grienie’s chewing gum Mr. Coldfire.”

Upham I’m an expatriate Dutchman born and bred. I’m proud of what the Dutch boys did at Sydney last year. On a per capita basis, The Netherlands earned about 8,9, or thereabouts times the number of gold medals that America earned. Shiva was complimenting Coldfire.
and to think I nearly overlooked this thread:)

Yo yo YO, wassup? Mr. Full-of-Himself checkin’ in. Now kneel and shine my shoes, dammit. Or you’re banned!!

Aaaaahhhhhh… I can just feel the Sheer Power rushing through my veins… MAN!

OK, enough of that shit. What the fuck are you talking about, Shiva?

Hitler dying because his gas oven has a leak would have been poetic justice. Do you have any idea whatsoever what poetic justice means, or implies?
The answer to your question: it was indeed an inevitability since it was posted in the wrong forum.

[li]High horse? Because of that thread?[/li]Do some research. I’m sure you can come up with a thread where I’m even more arrogant. :rolleyes:
[li]Dutch Boy is an insult these days? Jesus. I hope Alphagene forgives you for breaking Article 4 of the Official Pit Rules: "Your insults shall be creative, and they shall not be based on characteristics that lie beyond the flamees control".[/li][li]The thread may be harmless, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get closed if it’s in the wrong forum.[/li][li]TVeblen didn’t close it because she doesn’t moderate MPSIMS. Mind you, she could have closed it - and I would have been fine with that. She just chose not to.[/ul][/li]
grienspace and I had a nice e-mail conversation, and all is well now (grien, all your mails arrived fine - dank je wel). Well, not all is clear:

That’s not entirely accurate. As I explained in my e-mail to you, questions concerning the functioning of this message board primarily belong in About This Message Board. Complaints about moderators or administrators do belong in The BBQ Pit, however.

I hope that clears things up. Anything else, Shiva?

Upham: I had no idea you were Dutch! Your English is superb. Leeuwarden, eh?

** frantically surfs the 'Net for the latest F.C. Cambuur jokes… ** :wink:

Lambchop, come and play…

dont know why that came into my head… hmmm.
Shiva, He closed it because it was a pointless thread in the wrong forum.

My God, does someone have to start a pit thread EVERYTIME Clogmod closes a thread?

That’s just mean. Public calls cost 35 cents these days. How is he going to call someone who cares if you short-change him?

That’s the whole point, Upham! :smiley:

grienspace-I thought you were a Canadian who is loyal to your Queen.