Coldfire again.

I am not going to swear this time. I am even going to apologise for swearing at you last time. (I humbly apologise Coldfire) In hindsight it was justifiable that you closed my smiley thread.

But did you have to close the Getting banned, a few queries. thread so quickly? Coudln’t you have waited until it did attract the wrong crowd before you closed it?

I had something to add. And it wasn’t anything wrong-crowd-ish.

That’s all.

Me too as well Coldfire…for being quite insensitive…and to the rest of those (immature adults out there…you know who you are)

The question was answered, and experience teaches us that those threads ALWAYS get the wrong crowds.

Another tip for ya, Lobsang. Don’t open a thread on a topic when a moderator just closed the thread at hand. It might significantly shorten your stay here.

fauxpas, you’re another case altogether. We’ll deal with you as we go along.

Surprise: this one’s closed too.