Ibidem ibidem ibidem

That’s all, folks!

Nothing changes, nothing moves. Sigh.

Roger that.

Bidi bidi bidi!

To repeat an old sig line of mine:

“Bidi, bidi, bidi…Sarah Conner?”
… --Skynet unwisely goes with the lowest bidder.

Isn’t that a Tee-shirt on The Price Is Right?

You really were a master of sig lines. I fondly remember “The winged lion spoke in the rich tones which could only come from a transistor. Truly, this was the island of MOSFET toys!”

Gorilla gorilla gorilla.

Awww… (shuffles feet in dirt). I’m surprised and pleased that you remember!


“Shep is dog, I’m telling you. Big gray peanut loving poochie.”

I have no idea what we’re talking about, but this is my contribution.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo…Heck, I forgot how many buffaloes there were, but I never understood that sentence anyway. Just like the OP.

The correct sentence is: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” This explains it.

Boots boots boots boots.
(This explains that.)

Bob Bergen explains why he has job security: