Ice Age Continental Drift

So there are couple things I wanna say about this movie. As a fan of the Ice Age franchise I was a bit disappointed for a lot of reasons, but let’s start at the beginning…

Why was there a Simpsons short?!?! I understand they’re both owned by 20th Century Fox, but I thought it was very out of place for a kids movie. Although it was generally enjoyable.

I’m not a fan of the voice cast…basically…the past was full of black people and Ray Ramano. I mean I understand having a diverse voice cast but good lord it was quite…um…one sided. And I didn’t really think that Peter Dinklage was the right choice for the Pirate capt. He didn’t have a deep or gravelly (Jeremy Irons) enough voice for what I think the character looked and acted like.

And lastly…A song?!? Really Ice Age? REALLY!!!

And given how the franchise is going I’m basically expecting "Ice Age 5: Humans, cuz why the hell not

This one had absolutely no surprises - however, I went to see scrat, so I didn’t really care.

You folks are above drinking age. What the fuck are you doing at a children’s movie? Cruising?

Huh? My son is a fan so I have seen the first three movies numerous times, the only black voice actor I can recall is Queen Latifah. Who else?

My son is only 3yrs old but can re-enact entire scenes from all three movies. My wife and I will never admit it to the neighbors, but we both secretely love the first Ice Age and will specifically turn it on when it’s on cable. Which is like, every day (I swear, some of the cable movie channels are only showing Shawshank, A Few Good Men, Ice Age, and Ocean’s Eleven).

I’d love to take him to see Ice Age 4 in an actual movie theater, but 3yrs old seems a bit young. I’m not worried about his attention span; I’m worried he’ll get so excited he won’t shut up the entire time…

Posting in a thread merely to tell people that they’re idiots for having the discussion they’re having is threadshitting. Calling them pedophiles when you do so is beyond insulting, it’s offensive.

I’m giving you a warning for being a jerk as the umbrella summary of your offenses here.

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For the first three movies you’re right, it is just Queen Latifah

But for this movie, with Peaches all grown up, the entirety of the mammoth species is voiced by, and acts like, hip hop artists (Drake, Niki Minaj, etc.)