It’s probably been asked frequently but I’m new on this board. What is an ICQ#…Is it helpful to have one and if so how does one get this no.?

Here ya go - read all about it.

ICQ is an instant messaging program along the lines of AOL Instant Messanger.
If you click on the link provided by Aseymayo you will go to a webpage where you will be able download the software for free.
After installing the program and filling in a simple questionare the software will connect to the ICQ server and you will be issued your own personal ICQ number.
Giving the number to your friends and famly will allow them to send you instant messages any time you are online.
Good luck.

t lion

" I Wonder What Happens When I push THIS Button? "

Thank you both for the excellent explanations. Much appreciated.


ICQ is wonderful - you’ll love it. It’s much better than AOL’s IM.