What a rigamarole!

This is about the most complex registration process I’ve ever come across for any forum, and I’ve participated in quite a few. What’s the point? What the heck is an “ICQ” number, and why did you need to ask for mine? Why couldn’t I set my own password? And why are they case-sensitive?

You can change your password by clicking on the “pefs” link. You should have gotten an e-mail explaining it. I did.

The ICQ number is just like having your e-mail adress listed . . . it’s so if people want to talk to you privately, they can track you down on ICQ.

Sorry! I meant the “prefs” link. You can change all of your info.

What’s so complicated? It took me all of 15 seconds (after I spent three weeks deciding on a user name).

And Lissa-- You explained that an ICQ number is to identify you on ICQ. Well and good. But what the heck is ICQ???


ICQ is a free internet relay chat program which also has some other functions available to it. You can get more information and a free download from http://www.mirabilis.com .

Gxis revido!