Icy Knees

Wow, it’s quiet on the board today.

Must not be many Dopers working today.

I’m icing my knees. Mmmmm… icy goodness.

Yep, it was a definite “must share.”

Well, I’m here at work…Per usual…So you can expect to see me around the boards…
why are you icing your knees? What type of icing? Chocolate? Vanilla? Ohhh…Spice cake icing? Mmm…that’s yummy…

I guess it must be pretty hot where you came from, GazellefromHell, but what’s the temperature where you are now? It is 34 degrees F here today, and I plan on putting warm pancakes on my elbows.

I’m not icing my knees, But I will be drinking some tea in about 15 minutes.

When I’m finished can I lick the the icing off?

Hey Meatros!

I’ve been running more consistently and the only pain I’m having is in my knees. Stiffness and a very small amount of pain when I walk up stairs. So I’m using a gel cold pack on my knees so as to exacerbate further injury.

Believe me, knee pain ain’t nuthin. I don’t have shin splints or Achilles pain anymore; that makes me happy.

What’s up in your world? Whatchoo doin’ this weekend?

Tapioca, I don’t know what to say.

Oh wait. Yes.

sunstone, it’s a cold beeyatch here in the Twin Cities. Lemme see what http://www.weather.com says.

24 degrees fahrenheit, feels like 17.

Extra bonus!

Well I’m here today as well, and if I want to ice my knees, I’ll go outside and pull my pants up.

You know, I usually have knee problems too. I had to switch from running to doing the eliptical (sp?) trainer in order to correct the problem.

My world is a very tired world. I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep lately and I’ve been working like mad. So this weekend-which God help me I plan to have off, I plan on plotting the death of the vendors who send me so much work to do during the week:D .

Aside from that, I plan to relax, relax, relax. I have a few good books that I plan to read some of (such as Heinlen, Pirsig, and a History book) and I have some cheesy B movies that I will force my fiance to watch with me:D . These include: They Live, Bloodsport, Army of Darkness, and while technically not a B movie, Clash of the Titans.

Aside from all that, I might stop by Best Buy and exchange some duplicate gifts.

So how about you? You happy that today is Friday and the all-too-brief weekend is upon us? You got any plans?

Icing my knees was the only part of physical therapy that I couldn’t STAND. I’m not a big fan of freezing parts of my body, intentionally or not.

I had to come into work early so I can leave early and get my old roomie from the airport. Whee! A week filled with stinky French boys (3 of them, no less) a bachelor’s party, and a wedding. Can I go on vacation now? :smiley:

OK. I guess developing a knee fetish is one rung up the ladder from a foot fetish :smiley:

Hang on it’s ice, not icing :eek:

Your weekend plans sound wonderful.

Lesseee. When I get home tonight, I’ll be taking a short run (3 miles, hopefully outside), cooking dinner (easy stuffed porkchops) and finally, drinking beer and playing EverQuest. The goal is to get my ranger up to level 30 by the end of the weekend. We’ll see. My husband’s druid just made level 29, which means he can port others… He’s so psyched.

Tomorrow I’m doing another short 3-miler, probably cleaning the house and then, more EQing and beer-drinking.

Sunday I’ll be doing my long run, taking the short ‘n’ furry girl to a dog park with our neighbors and finishing up our Christmas cards. Eeek!

Quiet weekend. Next week - New Year’s Eve! w00t!

Skerri, stinky French boys?


You brought back memories of one of my first boyfriends, Francois. I spoke no French, he spoke no English… My GOD he looked good on a windsurf board. Rrrrow.

Tapioca, you backing out now?

It was just the shock that caught me surprise, honest. Resumes duties.

Everquest, eh? Is that really a cool game? I’ve thought about getting it several times now, but for one reason or another I’ve decided not to (not out of any sort of reason). I know have the money (via returned gifts)to buy the game. Should I?

Oh…and don’t mind my hijack:D

A “short” 3 mile run…What’s a long run?:confused:

Meatie, EQ rocks. They don’t call it EverCrack for nothing, though. You will be addictimuhfied before you know it.

What hijack? That’s what this thread is all about… Getting us through to the end of the workday. Nowhuttumsayin’?

Yep, 3 miles is a short one, these days. I’m getting my base up to 25 miles per week in preparation for a marathon training program. Eighteen miles this week. Nineteen next week. The long run is 8 miles right now… Will probably have to up that when I start my J-term class and have only four days per week to run. J-term classes are 2.5 hours, three nights per week, throughout the month of January. I’m taking Math 005, AKA Math for Dummies… Shouldn’t be tough; I just need a refresher real bad.

Gazelle, yup. 3 of them. One is my current roomie, one is a former roomie, and the other guy is their best friend. I’ll try to get some new slang terms for you while they’re here, so you can spring them on people at your next social gathering.

I have a slight feeling of dread that this is going to be a long, non-sober week. :smiley:

I managed to hit some 5K races this summer, but I switch to x-country skiing this time of year. I’ve only made it out once though, and feel like a blob.

Do you train indoors, or do you have a good place to run in the snow?

lost4life, I have a treadmill but I’ve only been using it when the temperature is unbearably cold. Wednesday was a good example. It was in the teens but felt like it was below zero. Brrrrrrrr

What do you mean, “…do you have a good place to run in the snow?”

People run “in” the snow? Or do you just mean, “When there’s snow on the ground, do you have a good place to run outdoors?”

Is it hack and slash RPG? I’ve seen a few ads and what not and it looks like a dungeon craller (which isn’t bad-I like those sort of games). Do you have to pay per month for online service?

Well, I didn’t know how indebt you were going to get with EverQuest. So, Ididn’tnowutuwassayin’untilnow:D

8 Miles?? I thought that’s what they invented cars for :eek: . I suppose if you want to be “healthy” and “in shape”, go right ahead. Pssshhttt…who would want to be either of those things?:smiley: