ID a an airliner/terrorist movie, from a vague description?

Well, I think I’ve got a question harder to answer than “When does Pi end?”…MANY years ago, I caught the ending of a movie on TV. From what I could gather, there were three people, apparently terrorists (Two men and a woman, I think. But I could be wrong.) , who’d tried to take over an airliner, but had been thwarted and captured by the passengers…and the passengers were debating whether just to lynch the terrorists before they landed. Cut to some time later, as the captain announces over the intercom that the plane is going to be landing. The camera pans through the passenger compartment, over the faces of the now sleeping passengers, until it reaches the first row of seats…where we see three sets of legs swinging from the ceiling, offscreen.

Did I imagine this movie, or did it actually exist? I would have seen it sometime in 1989, if that’s any help.

Well, thanks for your patience,

Was it The Uli Derickson Story?

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB message board, and got Hostage Flight (1985) as a possible response.

Mjollnir-I do believe that’s the one. Much obliged!