ID a Kids' Folk Song?

Does anyone recall a song that might have been taught in ~6th grade in a generl music class? The song says “we’ll sink 'em in the low man’s low”. Does this ring a bell to anyone?

  • Jinx

Does anyone recall a jingle that said “feed the bones to Henry Jones, 'cause Henry don’t eat no meat”? I’d swear it’s from some oldie, but I’ve picked the brains of some great local DJ talent who know their stuff, and they cannot place it. However, perhaps it was some jingle from a commercial?

It may be from the late 1960’s, if not early 1970’s…

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  • Jinx

Well, too late now, I’ve already seen it.

I logged on to tell you that “Save The Bones For Henry Jones” is a Cole Porter tune sung with Nat “King” Cole. I just happen to have an .MP3 on my computer – although this version seems kind of innappropriate for a jingle it is an amusing song. Contact me by e-mail if your inbox is big enough to accommodate a 6MG file.

You’re probably misremembering a line from The Golden Vanity:

and sink her in the Lowland,
Lowland, low
and sink her in the Lowland, sea…

Some info about the background of “The Golden Vanity” is here.