ID an early-1970's jingle or chorus?

Does anyone recall a jingle that said “feed the bones to Henry Jones, 'cause Henry don’t eat no meat”? I’d swear it’s from some oldie, but I’ve picked the brains of some great local DJ talent who know their stuff, and they cannot place it. However, perhaps it was some jingle from a commercial?

This has been buggin’ me for some time now…

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There is an old song, “Save the Bones for Henry Jones, 'Cause Henry Don’t Eat No Meat.” I don’t know whether or not the song has been used as an advertising jingle.

I did a brief search, and couldn’t find any mention of the song in connection with a commercial. It has been recorded by Nat “King” Cole, Ray Charles, and the Pointer Sisters, among others.

Info about the song’s authorship is here.

In 1980 or 1981, we saw the Pointer Sisters do Save The Bones… at the Fairmont in New Orleans (Fairmount?) We had never been to the Big Easy before, and like cartoon tourists, we took a Nightclub Tour. A bus shlepped us around from one mediocre jazz club to another, and then we went to the Fairmont Blue Room. Unlike the dixieland guys we’d been watching, the Pointers were fast, amplified, and ROCKIN’! They just pinned our ears back, and it made the whole tour worth the money.

We were the only couple on the bus that felt that way! We were 31 at the time, and everybody else on the tour was 25 or 30 years older. When we got back on the bus, all sparkling and dazed from the power of the Pointers, all the seniors were complaining. “Jesus, that was the loudest thing I ever heard! Why did they take us there?” For us, it was heaven, and for the rest of 'em, it was hell. We were veterans of dozens of rock concerts, and we’d heard much louder music.