ID a kids read-along book/record series.

This may be a longshot.

When I was a kid (early-mid 1970’s) we had a set of read-along books and records that I would love to find again. I suspect my dad found them on a trip to the US.

Going from memory:

They were the smaller 45 RPM records, made of a translucent red vinyl which was thin enough that they played better if they were placed on top of a normal black vinyl record.

The books were an odd size, a lot higher than wide (foolscap maybe?) and had blue covers.

The stories involved a takling parrot that could travel in time & space (who may have belonged to Socretes at one point). Each story was about a historical event or scientific principle - the Olympics, lightning and clouds, flight - are the ones I remember.

The kid in the story would ask about something, hold the parrots tail and they would travel around looking at events - Philippides arriving in Athens after running from Marathon, the Wright brothers first flight etc. Lots of sound effects and multiple voice actors involved.

Anyone remember this series? I’m not having any luck with Google.