I'd have just bought new ones and kept my mouth shut.

This little tidbit was in the Douglas County Courier-Journal this week. The Courier-Journal being the newspaper for Minden/Gardnerville, Nevada. It was in the police report section.

October 18

A 41 year old Topax Ranch Estates woman who left her home about 5:30 pm in the 3900 block of Shale Drive to attend a Family Support Council meeting said she returned to find several items, including an address book, family picture, two pornographic films, a pornographic magazine and her vibrator, were missing.
Yep, shoudda just got new ones and kept on buzzing.

That was slightly distrubing - who would wanna steal a middle aged woman’s sex toy?? Unless it was one of those Hello Kitty vibrators, the shear novelty value makes it worth to swipe.

I don’t explain them, I just report them.

the theif could have been a disgruntled female who lost her own vibrator (and presumably her porn, friends and family?) and wanted a new one (other than the hello kity vibrators would the vibrators that release a variable voltage on to the clitoris be considered worth nicking just so you could show it to people?)

Call me and Ms Hook old fashioned, or whatever, but we’ve never felt that vibrators and porno movies are proper coffee table decoration items.

“Oh look honey,” Ms Visitor said in an awed and impressed voice. “They’ve got the 120 volt Black Mamba Butt and Clit Blaster.” And, she noticed, without making too big of a fuss over it, a copy of “Back Door Sluts #9”.

Mr. Visitor hung his head, embarrassed that all they could afford was off the shelf porn and a used Mr. Rogers Tickler.

Well its like Mamma used to say “Just because YOU don’t subscribe to that behavior…”.:smiley:

Hell, Id have called the cops just to see the look on the officers face. Yeah, I need to get out more.

I couldn’t help but notice that the thief bagged her porno, her vibrator AND her address book.

Do you really not get it? A photograph was also missing.

She suspected her ex and needed to report the theft to support her request for a restraining order.

ok maybe you dont do it but i have some very odd friends and a vibrator in the coffee table would look vaguely normal compared to soem of the tings on there

no offence was meant by my post apologies for any that was caused

Shall we assume sending a condolence card along with a CD of the Beach Boys Good Vibrations would be a bit tacky?

I’m liking it!!! I do have a freshly* pirated copy of “G B” that I could burn a copy of.

*Well, it’s not all that fresh. Lost my nerve a while back with all the Kazaa legal threatenings and deleted Kazaa from my computer. But it’s possible she isn’t all that fussy.